Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Coos Bay, Not Picturesque Day

Ocean Foggy View near Florence, Oregon   Ocean Foggy View near Florence, Oregon

We knew our luck could not hold out…the overcast along the coast did not go away all day along our route today.  Both of the above are Pacific Ocean shots, trust me…

US 101 Oregon Bridge    US 101 Oregon Bridge
US 101 Oregon Bridge

We passed over a number of bridges…none of which were captured in the glory that Conde McCullough designed them in.  Many of the bridges along the Oregon Coast were designed by McCullough…he loved to incorporate architectural details such as Gothic spires, art deco obelisks, and Romanesque arches.

View along Oregon US 101 north of Coos Bay    View along Oregon US 101 north of Coos Bay

As we got closer to Coos Bay the route went a bit inland, and the sun did shine a bit.  Wish it shined along the ocean because that ocean view is very pretty.

Mill Casino, Coos Bay, Oregon

We are at the Mill Casino in Coos Bay.  We have been here three times now, and each time it was with a different motorhome.  Only thing is, they charge $15 now…previously it was free.  The sun did shine a bit, but I didn’t get my picture of the place until the overcast came in.  Temps have been running anywhere from low 60s to low 70s.

Mom got her surgery date today, sometime in mid-September if I remember what my sister told me…but they are going to try and move it up “if” they can because mom really wants to get this over with. 


  1. Prayer will continue for you both, your family, and especially for your mom! Blessings, Lynn

    1. Thank you Lynn...we sure appreciate it all.

  2. It looks like I need to jump ahead of you if you're going to Brooking or Crescent city look up elk Valley Road also there is elk Valley Casino free parking you can park your RV there if you look up Howland Hills Road it's an old stagecoach Road if you follow that you'll go through some of the prettiest redwood stands on the coast
    It's a very narrow road no rv,s are permitted cars only it's about 16 mile drive
    Plenty of turnoffs definitely bring your camera
    If you get over 10 miles an hour on that road you're speeding
    That will bring you out to 199
    If you do And head west on 199 you come to a town called Hiouchi (there's also an Full size RV park there as well)
    There is a mom-and-pop restaurant on the south side of the road actually it's the only one it's a good place for breakfast but I have to warn you Only order one pancake unless you're prepared to take the other two home

    1. We WISH we were going that way, but as I stated in previous postings we are headed over to I-5 and down to Citrus Heights where mom is having surgery within the next month. We took that 16 mile drive back in 2013, very pretty...Marcia and I both love the Redwoods.

  3. Are you sure that's not smoke. Check out

    1. No smoke here, but I am sure we will see it later today on our way over to I-5. This is definitely coming off the ocean.


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