Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Lake Crescent–Klahowya N.F. Campground

Lake Crescent

We left the Elway Dam RV Park just after 10 am, and by noon I was registering our new location at the Klahowya National Forest Campground just to the east of Lake Crescent by about 8 miles.  Now if one depended upon Google Maps for the location of this park, one would think it was right along the lake, but it is not.  There is another park at the western end of the lake, but it is for smaller RVs that ours, from everything which I read.  

Lake Crescent     Lake Crescent
Lake Crescent

Marcia got some wonderful pictures of Lake Crescent on our drive by.  It was my intention to drive back and enjoy the lake, drive through the Fairholme Campground on the western shores of the Lake, and even try and visit a few other spots…but when we got to the Klahowya Campground, and we realized just how tired we were from the Butchart Gardens tour yesterday, and we saw how isolated and nice our campground is…well, we just decided to stay put…didn’t even unhook the car.

Klahowya Campground

Here is our campsite with me standing at the back of the camping area (tent area) looking out toward the road.

Klahowya Campground

We have the ONLY pull-through camping site in the campground, and it is so big we could get a boat or another car in here!

Klahowya Campground

And our closest neighbor is somewhere back along that road…and the forest is like a jungle, it is so thick and lush.  The park has about 60 sites, we could fit into about 1/3 of them.   I figure there are only about 15 campsites taken when we pulled in a little after 11.  The cost is $17, $8.50 for senior pass holders (I just put a ten in the envelope and said 'keep the change'.   Too bad we are only going to be here for one night, but a weekend is coming up and we need to snag a spot on Thursday out near the coast.  Winking smile 


  1. We were going to do a drive through of Fairholme to see if there might be a spot big enough, but we missed the turn. Probably just as well.

    1. We thought we were going to have to unhook here, but the very last spot is this nice big pull through....I really love this park, much less traffic than Heart of the Hills, and Heart of the Hills did not have that much traffic...and we can not see any neighbors what so ever! Moving on today though, trying to get a spot at Mora Campground for the weekend.


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