Saturday, August 8, 2015

Rainy Day Pictures

Quillayute River during rain storm

What a sharp contrast a day makes!  Two days of bright sun, today is colder, damp, and windy.

Rialto Beach during rain storm, birds sitting behind wind break

The birds are all huddled on this side of the wood debris, shielding themselves from the wind…until something comes along and…

Rialto Beach during rain storm, birds take off

…off they fly.  Don’t know what scared them, but it did not take long for them to settle down again.

Quillayute River Sea Lion

Saw the Sea Lion again, this time it hung around in the same place…comes up for air, goes back down, comes up, goes down…  I think he must have been catching some ZZzzzs down under.

Quillayute River Readhead Ducks

These Redhead Ducks tried to see how many ducks can fit on a small piece of dry sand….but the Heron, upper left corner, would have nothing to do with them.

The above 9 second video shows the Redhead Ducks shooting along the water.  I watched them for many minutes today and in past days…it is so neat to see.  I wish I had the camera going when nearly the entire group of ducks shot from the middle of the river the sand bank, that was cool.

Quillayute River with Skruffy under shelter from rain

Of course little missy (Skruffy) just had to come along with daddy (that's what dogs do when you say, "You want to come along girl?") … but she did not want to get her head all wet.  Having her on my lap, keeping her covered, and trying to keep the camera dry while taking pictures is what I call “A Fun Hour”.  Smile 

Rivers Edge Restaurant, La Push

With moving day tomorrow, I told Marcia I would take her to dinner over in La Push.  Now La Push has one restaurant, and the reviews are a bit difficult for this place.  It is called Rivers Edge Restaurant, and it has no website.  There are reviews in Yelp, Google, and other places…and they were hit or miss.  For the most part I told Marcia that most of the reviews liked the view from inside, liked the food, but the service was “hit or miss”.  I would say that this sum up our experience. 

Rivers Edge Restaurant, La Push

The food was real good, but not much “homemade” type of stuff.  But it is quality stuff, for that I give them credit.  The view from the inside was real good…had it been a nice evening with a nice sunset it could not be beat.  But the service was hit and miss.  Blond lady that sat us was very nice and pleasant.  The rest of the staff were more “dull” with their attitude.  As a former restaurant manager I once again saw a place that could be a gold mine, but those running it don’t know how to make it such.  However, in a town of some 300 people, it could be worse.  Overall we were pleased, and we would return for the food, especially the Clam Chowder Soup which was real good.

High Surf in La Push

After dinner we went up to “Beach One” (they have three beaches, one, two and three).  The wind was such that I could hardly get out of the door.

High Surf in La Push

Again, sure a big change from two days ago!

High Surf in La Push with body surfers

These two guys were out there “trying” to body surf….I think they need some lessons from my Cousin Barbara’s son Matt…

Matt, picture from, 2012, Seth Migdail photographer

…who surfs along the Northern California coast and just about anywhere else he can take his board.  (picture above was taken in 2012 along coast in San Francisco)

Tomorrow we are off to South Beach for a day or two…then we need to get some electricity again.

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