Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hurricane Ridge -- Dungeness Scenic Loop

Port Angeles and Sequim on way to Hurricane Ridge

Yes, I got up at 5 am, waited for a bit more light by reading a few newspapers online, and out of the RV before 5:45 (Marcia stayed in bed, and I had NO COFFEE because I did not want to turn our generator on so early)   Yesterday I posted a picture from our trip on Friday to Hurricane Ridge…this one above is from the same spot...what a difference a day makes.  The “peak” in the far distance, barely visible, is Mt. Baker. The communities of Port Angeles and Sequim are on this side of the water.  Oh, what a wonderful morning it was.

Port Angeles and Victoria View on way to Hurricane Ridge

This is from the same viewing point, but more north looking out to Victoria and Vancouver Island.

Mountain View on way to Hurricane Ridge

The road to Hurricane Ridge goes through a few tunnels, and winds to the southwest.  Here the hills are alive with the newly found sunlight (but no music).

Doe on way to Hurricane Ridge
As I wind along the road, with no other cars in sight, I see a deer off in the distance along the road…I slow, she sees me, she has the other two or three deer with her flee to cover.  I slowly proceed toward her, she stares me down…I take this shot, and she ducks to picture left down into the tall grass as I drive by.  Oh yes, what a wonderful morning this is….
Olympic Mountains from Hurricane Ridge

I get to the top and the visitor’s center has a nice view.  This is a panoramic view is one which the camera puts together….I set the camera for panoramic, point to the left, click the shutter button, and scan as level and steady as I can to my right, click the shutter and I am done.  That is smoke down in the valley, nearly hiding the mountains.  Olympic National Park rarely gets fires, this one started in May and is still going.  They are just containing it, and letting it burn…I guess they forgot about the 1988 Yellowstone fire that they “allowed to burn” and nearly burned the entire park down!   If you click on the picture it will open up a much larger view.

Olympica Mountains Info Board, Hurricane Ridge

Here is an information board which points out the names of every peak, the glaciers and the rivers below.  If you click on it, it will open into a larger, readable picture.

Mt. Olympus and Mt. Carrie

Here is Mt. Olympus and Mt. Carrie…see the moon in the upper right?  The moon was in a previous picture too, but I’ll bet you missed it.  Just like I just about missed….

Doe and Fawn at Huricanne Ridge

….these two deer, mother and fawn, walking right in front of me.  In fact, in the panoramic I think I can make them out in the lower left corner.  I was so engulfed at the wonderful view of the mountains…I nearly let these two pass by without being seen.

Fawn at Huricanne Ridge

What a cute little thing this one is!  Following and obeying mom, keeping an eye on me, and ready to take off at a moments notice.

Doe and Fawn at Huricanne Ridge with Skruffy in car

They walked off to my right, up the slope and close to the car…and when my little companion Skruffy saw them, she let them have it!  But they knew she was there, confined to the car, and didn’t even miss a step as they walked by, which just infuriated poor little Skruffy to death!

Mt. Olympus and Mt. Carrie

I walked up the car, and just had to have one more shot of Mt. Olympus and the surrounding peaks.  Yep, this has been a wonderful morning.  All in all, I was gone for just over 90 minutes…saw about 8 deer, some large birds which were hiding in the tall grass, and not a human being from the first turn out until I was driving back down and saw three or four cars headed up.  Yep, a wonderful morning!!!!  If it wasn't for that smoke, it would have been nearly perfect...

New Dungeness Lighthouse

Around 1 pm we departed the camp and went “looking for a light house”.  We found it out on the Dungeness Spit, this is the ‘New’ Dungeness Lighthouse.  And guess what?  They seek people to go to the lighthouse for a week to care for it, do some light work, and help maintain the lighthouse for others to see in the future.  If you are in the area and just wish to see it, just take the Dungeness Scenic Loop which takes you through the downtown area of Sequim, and out to the Sound.

Birds, Birds and more Birds, entrance to Dungeness Bay

But it is not a place for those who are squeamish of birds…because there are lots of birds.  In fact, if you look at the lighthouse picture above, there is a large seagull flying between the house on the right and the lighthouse itself.

New Dungeness Lighthouse

Here is a bit different view of the lighthouse from a bit further to the west.

Panoramic View from Dungeness Recreation Area

You have to see this panoramic view at the Dungeness Recreation Area which, by-the-way, has RV sites much like a National Forest Campground.  It was full today when we drove through the campground, and it has reservable sites.  I doubt you get a senior savings with your National Park card though.

Victoria from Dungeness Recreation Area

A distant view of Victoria B.C., where we will be going on Tuesday via the ferry.  As of now, we are going to pay for one more night here at Heart of the Hills, then move to a full-hookup park for Monday and Tuesday nights.  Monday we will move, probably do some laundry, and get ready for Tuesday.  As for tomorrow, we found a church in Port Angeles, then we will get lunch and take it easy the rest of the day…or will we????


  1. It takes dedication to get up at 5:00 in the morning but you sure got some beautiful photographs! I think we saw the same little twin fawns. :-)!

    1. I get up at 5:00 a's just that I typically go back to bed for a few more hours! Marcia decided to stay in bed, which was good for her to get more sleep since she is still suffering a bit...took Skruffy just so Skruffy wouldn't wake her up with a bark if and when she heard something.

  2. So that's what you see when you get up before the sun!

    1. Funny thing is I have never been one to get up early like this...and on Tuesday have to do it again to catch the Ferry over to Victoria.


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