Thursday, May 9, 2013

Still in Little Rock, but the sunrise is looking better

Ok, so I cheated....this is a sunrise we had a few mornings ago in Lake Village, Arkansas.  It was a good start to our day, and we hope that tomorrow and every tomorrow will be a good sunrise.  

So what do you do with a car full of dogs in Little Rock Arkansas?  Well, you go to a park, of course.
Not just any park, but a dog park!  At Burns Park in North Little Rock there is a nice "off lease" dog park near the soccer fields.  (I say near the soccer fields because this is a very large park, with a soft ball complex, baseball field, golf course, RV park, lots of bike paths, an equestrian area, etc.)  The dog park has three very large fenced in areas, one for dogs under 20 pounds, one for dogs from 21-45 pounds, and one for dogs over 45 pounds.  Pit Bulls must be on leash, but all other breeds can run free within the fenced in area.

The picture above is a cropped version of the one above it, but here you can see the fence in the distance, so you can see that all three dog areas are large....very large.
It did not take long before they realized they were not on a leash, and off they went.  Skruffy goes out furthest first, but not for long...she comes back to me numerous times, which is typical of a rescue dog.
 Bubba takes his little sweet time and smells all around the park until he realizes just how big it is and that he would never get to smell it all.  While Skruffy walks a bit faster, and keeps an eye on me too.

Then they get a big, or should I say, little treat.  Another dog arrives, and they zero in on the fresh meat, I mean smells...
 This little guy did not seem to mind, and eventually, he was able to wander around....
...followed by his mother.  Her and I talked for a bit, and I found out that she was raised in Orangevale, which is just outside of Sacramento where I was raised.  She said that her little dog was having a bad time with seizures, way more serious than Bubba, who has just a few small ones per year.
So Burns Park killed an hour or so, and so we just drove around Little Rock, West Little Rock, and visited another RV park in Maumelle, just west of Little Rock.  It is a nice park, and we just might stay there next time we go through.  Below is the view from the Pinnacle Mountain Visitor's Center.
Now we hope for good sunrise on Friday, and that we can get out of this place around noon....


  1. Hi guys.. it's Debra and Allen... Just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you and praying for you... sure miss seeing you at church!!!.. Maranatha!!!

    1. Having a breakdown so early into our trip is not what we wanted....but we are going to deal with it. You all take care. Tell everyone hello for us. --Dave


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