Monday, August 24, 2015

Trip Memories 2 – some previously unpublished pictures

South Beach Sunset
Yesterday’s post we covered the first part of our Washington trip from the Port Angeles area through La Push.  Today we start with South Beach, were I will start with a panoramic sunset…nothing like a sunset over the ocean, and we had some real nice sunsets in South Beach.
South Beach

South Beach where the campsites have no boundaries, camping is cheap ($7.50 with senior discount), and the campers are as friendly as can be.

South Beach     South Beach

Where people come to walk, fish, relax and just kickback listening to the ocean, basking in 72 degree weather.

South Beach Sunset

And the sunsets can be out of this world…

South Beach Sunset

And we have now exited Olympic National Park…but we have the rest of the Washington Coast and half of the Oregon Coast to go…

Long Beach

Our next stop was at a Casino in Ocean Shores where we were surrounded by Seahawk Fans, but it gave us a chance to do laundry.  Then we had an overnighter in Long Beach (above), and all of our stops from here on out are one-night stops until we reach the Sacramento area.

Long Beach

Besides, after spending all that time with the Seahawk Fans, EVERYONE else looked pretty friendly.

On way to Tillamook

Our next stop was in Tillamook, and we had some nice ocean views…

Tillamook Tillabar

….and some very nice taste buds explosions.

Newport Area

Next we went to Newport, and on the way, Marcia was surprised that we stopped at one of her favorite Ocean views…this little waterfall to the right off-set by the motion of crashing waves all around.

Newport Area

Even the birds enjoyed the view….

Newport Area

And Newport brought our last sunset along the ocean.

Coos Bay Area

On our way to Coos Bay we got a dose of reality again as to what some Ocean Days look like.  Thank goodness we had seen this area back in 2012, but it would have been nice to enjoy to its fullest again this time.


Inland we find I-5 near Roseburg, and we find a couple of covered bridges in the Tri-City area.


And although we had not encountered smoke from the fires yet, we did encounter some helicopters which are fighting the fires.

Nearing Medford

But as we get close to Medford, and on into California, the smoke is thick at times…yep, the fires are bad, real bad.

Nearing Medford

There are many reasons we choose going to Washington and visiting Olympic National Park and cruising down the ocean shores.  We had not been up into Washington like this before, we knew it would be cool, we knew it was doable in four weeks, though five or six or even seven would not have been enough to get a full feel of it all.  But high on the list was that it would get us out of the heat, and had we known that so many fires were going to blow up in the areas, staying away from the fires would have been high up there too.  Along the ocean the fire dangers were there, but not as high as east of I-5 was. Overall, we enjoyed the trip immensely, and are in awe of that which has been provided to us for enjoyment.  Next trip will be a number of week away as we spend time with family, and with mom’s surgery next week.  But something tells me that our next trip might also be along the coast…because I am fairly sure these fires will still be burning….

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