Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Yummy Yummy YUMMY

No, NOT the 1968 song by the Ohio Express, that is about love, well, their idea of love.  I am talking about food, in particular, Prime Rib.  By the time I was 17 years old, I was the head cook at a Steak House about a mile from my house.  Eventually I was the General Manager of another store within the chain in Sacramento, but in reality I had worked at all three as either head cook, assistant manager, manager and at one, General Manager. (Well, at the one I was General Manger of I never was the Assistant Manager, but I sure trained enough of them while I was there for other locations.)  Bottom line, I learned to cook at an early age, and learned how to cook beef in just about any form or fashion.  So it was very easy to cook the Prime Rib for Christmas, and we enjoyed (after tonight's dinner) Prime Rib Sandwiches each night since Christmas which just melts in your mouth.

There is one of the sandwiches...Carbonaut  Low Carb Seeded Bread (2 carbs per slice found at most Sprouts Grocery Stores, among other places) with Pepper Jack Cheese and thin sliced Prime Rib with fat removed where possible.  Toast the bread, add cheese, quickly pan fry the meat to warm with some juice from the cooking, put together, cut and serve with a veggie on the side.

I needed to go to Sam's pretty bad since it had been nearly two weeks now.  Left at 11 am, did the gas first, which worked out well.  $2.979 per gallon brings it back to under $3 per gallon...but surrounding stations are still in the $3.20 range.

Saw this gal in front of me put her gas cap onto her Audi Gas Door.  Well, we are going to have to think about getting an Audi...until it was my turn, I opened the Gas Door and sure enough, I had a hook there for the gas cap too.  Always wondered what that hook was for!  Never too old to learn something new.

A week before Christmas I ordered a DNA test for Marcia from 23andMe, and it arrived Christmas Eve.  Marcia decided to wait until today to do the actual test, which involves spitting into a container.  There are many DNA testing places out there for finding out where your Ethnicity is from...we used this one because her half-brother on her mom's side had used it.  Of Greek Heritage, like Marcia, "HIS" DNA test came out with his number one Ethnicity match being Turkish, followed by Italian, followed by Greek.  Marcia had a different father, and she was wondering if hers would be different.  In a few weeks we will know...

Indy got a new Chew Stick for Christmas (along with a nice thin slice of Prime Rib, which bothered her little tummy a bit leaving me a little mess in the 2nd bedroom two nights later.  Gee...she is just going to have to keep on her Pork which I cook up, and her dry food which is chicken based, along with the occasional Hot Dog chunk.  (I get a large pack of Hebrew National Beef Hot Dogs which get placed in the freezer with one being pulled out just about every week.)

Indy also enjoyed watching Pick-A-Puppy on Christmas morning.  Pick-A-Puppy, Lucky Dog and any of Cesar's dog programs.  And there is still all the commercials.  I have seen her sleeping, a commercial will come on, she will open her eyes, listen, get up and attack the TV as soon as the dog appears.  It is the funniest thing.  I also took her to the Dog Park over the weekend, and again today.  Only one dog today, another arrived as we were leaving, but she still enjoyed it.


  1. The DNA testing is fascinating. Maybe Marcia will have to change from Greek food to Turkish food!! Ummm yes, I knew about the gas cap holder, except I never use it. Mine is on a tether, at least until it breaks. Funny how Indy watches TV. I have to be careful with Cooper's stomach also. He's almost as bad as me!!!

    1. Something tells me that YOU and PRIME RIB have no problems at all!

      The first time we had problems with Indy was when were in Ohio and got a Ribeye bone in along with a chicken plate from Longhorn. Gave Indy the bone for about 30 minutes and the next morning, right by the door, was SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE! Thought then that it was the fat attached to the I think it was meat and the fat.


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