Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Relaxing Day at Lake Pleasant Arizona


Today was such a relaxing, warm, comfortable day at Lake Pleasant.  The sun was out a good portion of the day, hidden behind high clouds for some of the day.  The lake had a few boats on it...not that we heard any of the boats from where we are camping...but we can see them now and then.  Today's high was around 85 degrees, the low will be in the low 50's.  WOW, what a wonderful place to be as we go from November to December.

The Lake offers lots of recreation, rowing, sailing, general motoring around.

The lake covers 7,500 acres, while the park covers over 23,000 acres which includes the lake, desert lands, and recreational activities outside of the lake such as dirt bikes, general off road vehicles, and a dirt racetrack and large glider airport.

There are two campgrounds at Lake with electricity and water, the other being primitive with no services (although both can use the dump station). Just outside the park there are many areas where one can boondock...but most are used by those with off road vehicles.

The Roadrunner Campground in which we are staying is divided in half by the Park's Road.

In this view below, you can see a cell tower...which is probably why we have 4-5 bars of 4G with our Verizon Aircard...not sure if they have 5G on this tower, but I would not doubt it.

The Roadrunner Campground has three or four bathrooms, each with two locking single shower rooms for males and for females, one handicapped for each.  The showers are free, but when you push the on button, the water flows for 10-15 seconds...but you can keep pushing the button as much as you need.  To me the water is hot, to others they might think it is cold...there is no way to control the temperature.  Last time, as well as this time, I found the bathing area to be very clean.

The campsites easily fit Class A Motorhomes, with room for a vehicle.  Yes, there are a 'few' smaller sites, but around 90% of the sites fit large motorhomes...and most of those will fit a tow car too.

It is now close to 9 pm, it is very quiet, and the outside temps are at 70 degrees.  We have been here in the late spring/early summer...we have been here before and after Christmas.  I like the December visit...the temps are just perfect, and the park, mid-week, is not crowded at all.  We have also been here, with reservations, for a weekend that get just down right busy.

We head out in the morning, set on getting to Tucson for a night of boondocking.  It will be nice to not feel like we have to get up and go at the first sign of light since it will be less than 200 miles of travel with a stop at a Flying J for Gas and Propane.


  1. That lake looks like a great place to stay. You are welcome to stay at my place near Tucson for as long as you want. Send a message and I'll give you directions. Covered parking, electrical and water, but you have to back in a dog-leg. Very close to a Safeway too.

    1. Thank you Nancy, but we are at the Fairgrounds for a night and hitting road tomorrow. Just so happens that Doug and Yuma are here, but have not met them as of yet...he also has his grandson with him and I am sure they are out exploring the sites.


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