Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Indy + New Phone + Bad Weather + Sick Neighbor


Here is Indy, sitting next to me, checking things out at the Tarpon Springs Dog Park.  We thought Marcia was going to get her hair cut on Saturday, and I had planned to take her to the Dog Park during the hair cut...but her hair lady canceled out on us for Saturday...wasn't feeling well.  So Saturday I mentioned to Marcia my original 'plan' and I used the words "Dog Park" out loud, and Indy lite up like a Christmas Tree!  Within seconds she was jumping from chair to chair, running over to me and then back to the chairs.  Well, cat is out of the bag, so I took her Saturday.  

Above are three of the five dogs that were at the Dog Park on Sunday...yes, I said Sunday.  On Saturday there were eight or nine dogs, and she had a BLAST.  When we got back Marcia said her hair lady called and she can do her hair on Indy got a double dog park weekend.  Talk about one happy dog!

On Monday Marcia had her Bible Study with the ladies at church, and this is when I normally go to the motorhome and charge up the batteries by running the engine for 45-60 minutes.  Well, her phone had busted on Thursday.  The phone still worked, but with a broken hinge, it was not going to work very long.  We decided to order a Kyocera DuraXV LTE E4610 like I have, which came on Saturday.  It is a very durable phone, but it requires a sim card, so Monday I went to Verizon while she was at Bible Study and would do the motorhome on Tuesday.

On the left is my phone (taken with Marcia's new phone), which I got in February 2020...on the right is Marcia's new phone (taken with my phone).  So that we can tell them apart, I put light blue tape on her phone.  The GOOD thing about this change is that now I can help her with questions about how to use certain features of her phone, where her old phone was like CRAZY bad on how to do certain things.  Already this phone is much more to her liking, and it only cost $20 more than my phone cost 22 months ago.

On Tuesday as I was traveling to the motorhome I got a picture of the remains of the storm that went through the Tampa Area.  Little did I know, that just 100+ miles south of where I was...

(This picture taken from Internet)

...a minor Tornado went through the Fort Meyers area.  Now compared to the Tornadoes that went through Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri and other states on the 10th, this was very minor.  One person hurt, a few cars were damaged, a few roofs damaged, a few car ports was very minor.

We live in a corner unit, so we only share one interior wall with one neighbor...Mary.  Before we left California we knew that Mary had a heart by-pass.  She had been in rehab for about 6 weeks, and we knew two of her sons were coming out from New York to get her and take her to New York for home rehab.  They flew out Tuesday...not sure if there were any delays or not due to the weather, but I doubt it.  We saw her for just a few minutes on Monday as they brought her out of the rehab to select what she needed to take to New York.  We HOPE she gets better and is able to come back...only time will tell.


  1. Ahhh so sorry to hear about your neighbor. It sucks to get older. Nice Christmas present for Marcia ... new phones are always fun, and the charge lasts much longer!! That Indy must have thought she was in Heaven ... two dog parks in one week! I try to take Cooper out more often since he enjoys it so much.

    1. In August 2020 we got her Alcatel phone which turned out to be a bust. Hard to text with, hard to even search for a person and call them. Frankly, this is going to work better, and I doubt she can break this one. As for Indy, YES, she was loving it! Our neighbor is 85, loved living on her own...this is not going to be fun for her, just hope she is able to come back.

  2. Funny, if either Barb or I say the W-A-L-K word, Dakota jumps up and gets all excited and will not settle down until we actually go for one. Merry Christmas!

    1. Indy is hitting on the phrase "...take her...". I said to Marcia, "I am going to take her to the D o g P a r k (spelling out the last two words) and she hit on "take her"...just didn't know if it was the dog park or the Vet.


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