Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Atchafalaya - What a Mouth full


880 miles later, we are OUT OF TEXAS!!!!  Now just so you know, I don't hate Texas.  It is a VERY Independent state, and I appreciate that.  "IF" I was to live in Texas, it would be in Canyon Texas, just below Amarillo. It is a very conservative, isolate, freedom loving area and it is only 80 miles from New Mexico, it is only 115 miles from Kansas, and only 125 miles from Oklahoma.  Even better than that, it is only 150 miles from Colorado...but many more miles to the "good part" of "Colorado"...the mountains of Colorado.  But still...they are not that far in perspective of life.  In other words, not a whole lot matches up to the Colorado Mountains down in the lower 48.


Twenty miles later we are climbing the bridge leading to Lake Charles.

After a few hours of travel, we enter the Atchafalaya National Heritage Area.  The rest area we are staying at is at the Atchafalaya Welcome Center.  The cars are on one side of the overhead highway, the cars and RVs are on the it is fairly quiet.  We have stayed here at least three or four times already.

As of 9 pm, we have only one neighbor, Our WiFi is fairly good, and we are streaming movies from Amazon on our new Kindle.  We have abour 250 miles to go tomorrow, so we won't have to get up too awful early. 

FYI: Atchafalaya means Long River.  It is pronounced...well...I will let you look that up if you are interested.


  1. That BRIDGE!!! Good grief!! Canyon Texas sounds like the perfect place to live!!

    1. I doubt Marcia will ever leave Florida for good.

      Yep, sometimes these bridges look overwhelming.


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