Friday, December 10, 2021

Wilderness RV Park, Robertsdale, AL


We stayed here at the Wilderness RV Park back in April 2019, and nothing has changed much since then.    There's around 75 sites with most them pull through.  Twenty sites are for large rigs, 50 amp, no trees to contend with.  The other sites may have trees which need to be maneuvered around.

The park opened up in 1990.  The owner checked me in and he said that he has been here since from the beginning.  Above are the bathrooms...I did not step inside so I don't know if they have showers and what type of condition they are in.  There are many folks who 'live' here, and I don't have problems with that as long as they are peaceful and quiet, and they are.  All of the RVs are in good shape, although some have a bit too much stuff outside for my liking.

Above is the 50 amp area for large rigs...fairly easy in and out for parking and there is ample space between them, as RV Parks go.

One of the 30 amp areas.

Hey dad, why are you putting my picture in this blog, when this picture was taken back in Texas?

Well Indy, it is because I FORGOT to add it to that blog and just now remembered I had this.  When I take pictures with my phone, like I did here, they don't always turn out...but this one did.

Well, with all that rain last night, and this humidity of over 90%, I don't think YOU would want to sit outside with me anyway here in Alabama.

So true little one...although I did take you over to Buc-ee's today.

Ya, and you sat in the car while I wandered the grass looking at all those dogs.  You were right when you told mom that I would do my business there because of all the smells.  You know, I think I must have p....

Indy, I don't think the people reading this want to hear the details of your bodily fluid releases...

But Dad, I think I set a record...didn't know I had that much liquid in me.

Ya, and it wasn't just liquid either, now was it?

I thought you said the people did not want to hear about this stuff dad???

Gotcha Dad!

Tomorrow we will quickly be in Florida, plan to make it to one of our favorite Rest Areas, which is about 25 miles from our Condo (which takes about 45 minutes to get there though from there), but over 400 miles from it will be a long driving day.


  1. That last picture of Indy ..... too cute! I too have a hard time understanding why people put so much "stuff" in their yard. I guess they want to make sure everyone knows exactly where their "property" line is.

    1. She is cute, just like Cooper...hope they can meet sometime this next year.

  2. Cute pictures of Indy! I bet all of you are looking forward to getting to Florida and on to the next stage of your adventure.

    1. As I write this we are 30 miles from home,sitting in Cracker Barrel parking lot for the night...oh, you can taste home, but can't enjoy it! Life under the rule of an HOA!


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