Thursday, December 2, 2021

In Tucson -- Met Fellow Blogger Doug & Yuma (& Nick)

We left campsite promptly by 9:15, dumped our tanks and were out of the park by 9:35.  Traffic was a bit heavy as we neared the heart of Phoenix, but we survived it.  We stopped at the first rest area south of Phoenix and walked the dog, ate breakfast, and we continued toward Tucson.  In Eloy, Arizona, we stopped at a Flying J and filled up with Propane and with fuel, and were on our way again.

Off in the distance, through to smoggy air, we see this interesting mountain formation which we later discover to be Picacho Peak.  I told Marcia that it looked like a large saddle...

As we get closer the smog lessens up and the we see the beauty of the peak.  The 'Librarian' in me has me do some research....partly because the name, Picacho Peak.  So as I write this blog, I do a quick check, and there it is.  The Battle of Picacho Pass, also known as the Battle of Picacho Peak, was an engagement of the American Civil War on April 15, 1862...recognized as the furthest west of any Civil War engagement.  (Click Here to read more about this)

Across the highway and to the north of Picacho Peak is this formation, Newman Peak.  It is the largest peak within the Picacho Mountain Range.  As with many of Arizona mountain peaks, there is a trail to the top of Newman, as there is with Picacho.  That is something this ole man will NEVER do!

Just before 2 pm, we pull into 'The RV Park' at Pima County Fair.  There's over 400 RV sites, larger enough to fit any motorhome with tow car.  Basic cost is $30, can get a discount for Good Sam or FMCA, or a weekly price of $150.  They do not take reservations, but unless there is a large RV rally, or it is the week of the fair, I doubt you would have problems getting in.

I had planned to stay overnight at the Cracker Barrel just north of Tucson, but last night I was catching up on my blog reading and read that Doug and Yuma (and his grandson Nick who is traveling with him this year) stopped at the fairgrounds.  Doug's BLOG.  Doug said that they stopped at the fairgrounds because it was 85 degrees, the hottest December 1st in Tucson.  At $30 for electricity, water and sewer...and the opportunity to meet Yuma and Doug, heck let's we too stopped at the fairgrounds!

And there is Yuma...and Doug's legs (lol).  Yuma and Indy are just a little different sized, and they wanted to play, but Yuma was overwhelming little Indy.  No fights, both good dogs...perhaps in an open yard with lots of grass they would do just fine.

Nick, Doug's grandson, did take a picture or two of Doug, Yuma, Indy and myself, and I am sure it will be on his website under today's date.  Doug is pretty good about posting each and every day he is away from his home in Illinois, where is wife of 55 years, Dolly, stays for the winter.  She came with him one year...and that was enough for her.  He can't stand the cold winters, so he comes down to the Southwest, as do thousands of other Snowbirds, each year.  This is the first year a grandchild came with him.

Later Doug came by our motorhome so that he could meet Marcia.  It was such a nice visit, and perhaps we will run into each other again down the road.


  1. Yuma and I enjoyed your visit and do appreciate you taking the time to stop and visit for awhile. Have a Safe journey on your way back home in Florida.

    1. Hope your grey leak is an easy fix and you can be on your way yourself.

  2. It's just fun to meet other RV people as we travel around the country. I imagine you are taking off this morning so safe travels heading East.

    1. Yep, headed for that "BIG" Roadrunner in the sky. (If you have driven I-10 to El Paso, you will know what I mean...otherwise, there is my next


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