Monday, July 5, 2021

Tropical Storm Elsa Headed For Our Condo


As of 8 pm Monday, Elsa is going to brush the West Coast of Florida, passing very very close to our Condo.  Thank Goodness it is only a Tropical Storm, and it is not projected to become a Hurricane again (it was a Hurricane for about a day a few days ago), and thank goodness it has shifted a bit into the Gulf...the track just 48 hours ago put the center of the storm right over Holiday Florida!  I have been tracking Elsa for a week now...very closely the past three days.

Here is a closer view of the projected path in relationship to our condo.  Anything in the "Blue" means that you are in the potential also means the winds are going to be higher than outside of the blue.  Winds are currently projected at 45-55 in our area...we have been through that before.

In relation to where we currently are...well...we are still in Calhoun Georgia, and will be until Sunday.  The couple of parks I wanted to stay in within Tennessee were is full for the whole rest of July.  Good for them, compared to last year and the beginning of this year.  So we are going to head into Kentucky on Sunday, then to the Cleveland area on Friday or Saturday, a week before the wedding.

Above are some of the computer models as to the possible tracks of Elsa as of this morning.  They are getting much better at tracking these storms, and this one has been spot on for many days now with just slight movements to the west before it cuts northeast over Florida and into Georgia and beyond.

Here is radar with Elsa over Cuba.  You can see there is no "eye" to this is not a hurricane and won't be a hurricane again (fingers crossed).  In case you need a reminder; a tropical storm has maximum sustained surface winds ranging from 39-73 mph.  Hurricane has maximum sustained surface winds of 74 mph or greater with a category 1 winds at 74-95 mph, category 2 at 96-110 mph, category 3 at 111-129 mph, category 4 at 130-156 and category 5 with winds over 156. 

With Indy having a 'special" day yesterday (one year anniversary of coming into our household), I gave in and gave her a whole hot dog.

I really am very careful on just home much of a 'Hot Dog' I let her have each week.  Typically one hot dog will last a week, sometimes longer.  Her normal food is dry Beneful, about 1/3 cup a day, along with cooked pork loin, a couple ounces per day.  She gets a bit of a hot dog when she has worn her phone vest (remember, she is a service dog for Marcia), when she gets a bath, when she gets her nails cut/ground, and/or when she is groomed.  This is the first time I gave her a whole hot dog, and didn't hold it as she bit little pieces off what part of a hot dog I normally give her.  Look at those eyes...WOW, I get the WHOLE THING!  Yep, happy adoption day little one.

A follower of our blog sent me this picture of their dog...a two year old boy.  WOW, looks just like Indy, doesn't it?

Took Indy to the Calhoun City Dog Park today for a bit of exercise.  There were three dogs in the small dog area, and two in the large.  She was the smallest, but they all got along just fine.  Due to the heat, the others did not stay long, and so we left too.  Thank goodness I had a Large Sonic Diet Coke, because when I gathered up a handful of ice for Indy, she gobbled it all up.  She just doesn't touch the water at these dog parks...even with the 90 degree heat.


  1. WOW an ENTIRE hot dog!! Good girl Indy!!! I had heard about Elsa. I guess it's that time again!

    1. Good Golly Miss Molly, we have ourselves a Hurricane after all...


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