Sunday, July 4, 2021

Happy Indy Day

Indy's First Hair Cut

While our Nation celebrates Fourth of July, we celebrate Indy (Independence K. Burdick) AND Fourth of July in our household.  YES, it has been a FULL YEAR since Indy came into our lives and into our hearts.  So today's blog will present pictures of one year of Indy.

Indy September 2020 - Motorhome life

Indy Fall 2020 - Arny/Sandy Treat Time?

Indy Taking Car Ride - Fall 2020

Indy Condo Life - Ball Time

Indy Introduced to Tarpon Spring's Docks

Indy Playing at Dog Park

Indy Playing at Dog Park

Indy also Loves the Library Pond Area

Indy Spayed - Not Her Funnest Time

Indy LOVES Watching TV

Hitting the Road Again, June 2021

New Smells Every Day

Mommy Time

Indy LOVES her bed

We Look Forward to MANY MANY more Years of Indy...AND of celebrating 4th of July in our Nation!


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