Monday, July 26, 2021

Gas City Indiana for Family Visit


We left the Cleveland area by 8:30, and arrived at the Cracker Barrel in Gas City by 2:30.  Around 4:30 Marcia's cousin Byron and his wife Jenny arrived and we had a delightful dinner and visit.  We last visited with them, at the same Cracker Barrel, back in April of 2017.  Originally planned to stay in the parking lot, but the hot weather pushed us to a nearby RV park where we have hooked up electricity and positioned ourselves for a quick get-away in the morning...the car is hooked up behind the motorhome, but out of view.

Stopped at a rest area along I-71 for breakfast around 9:15, continued south on the Interstate and quickly exited for US 30 heading west.  OH NO!  Construction Zone!!!!

They were fixing a couple bridges and repaving about 5 miles, and for the most part that was our only 'white knuckle driving' for the day.  I just hate driving with barriers on each side of the road and no place to pullover if you have any problems.

For much of our drive we were on four lane highway, blue skies, and light traffic.

There was a short 25-30 miles where we were on a two-lane highway...passed through a couple small communities where the speed limit dropped to 35 mph for a mile or so.  But even that was easy driving.

We saw a lot of this...Soy Beans and Corn fields.  Here they are side-by-side, with Soy Beans on the left and Corn on the right.

Finally we reach Indiana!  And almost immediately we see signs for "Flagman Ahead".

Well...this is the flagman...gets paid $80 per hour and never fails to raise or lower the flag.  As we came up the construction zone, they were done and calling it a day, so we were nearly the last one to be flagged by the automated flagger.  Soon we were on I-69 headed to Gas City's Cracker Barrel.

And now, for the picture of the day...



  1. Wow ... I've never seen an automated flagman before!! I hate construction when they put those concrete blocks so close together. Indy looks pretty happy to me!!!

    1. It was just funny because they had signs and pictures showing that a flagman was ahead...and it turned out to be automated. We both laughed over that one.


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