Sunday, July 11, 2021

Rainy 'Day' in Georgia, On to Kentucky


The song is really "Rainy Night In Georgia", but it is daytime when we left...and it has rained nearly every day for the past six days for at least an hour, a half a day nearly a week ago.  One day it only rained for about 30 minutes...but it rained about a half inch.  So it was fitting for us to have off and on rain as we got out of Georgia and into Tennessee...and then into Kentucky.

I have driven through many parts of Tennessee and Kentucky, and what I always see is Green - Green - Green.  It is a pretty state.  I have driven I-75 down, this is the first time I drove it up from Tennessee.  I only took one picture while traveling because it frankly, it was so 'white knuckle' driving due to heavy, heavy traffic.  Seems like the traffic has been heavy our entire trip so far.

Saw a number of crosses about this size can sure tell we are in the middle of the Bible Belt.

This picture of Indy reminds me so much of pictures I had of Skruffy.  Can only imagine what she is thinking about all this driving we are doing today.  She had a very restless day...coming and going off Marcia's lap, into my reclining chair, into her bed, sitting on the carpet between our driving chairs...she was all over the place.  The longest she laid in one place was about 15 minutes.  She enjoyed the two rest areas we stopped at...especially seeing other dogs out and about.

We are at the Walnut Meadow RV Park in Berea Kentucky for two nights.  It is a typical park, and it is only $25 per night with AAA, Good Sam, Military, or First Responder...we have AAA on our car, otherwise it would be $30 per night.  Good news, Cracker Barrel is at the same exit, so I picked some up for dinner...always good stuff.


  1. I was wondering where you were! Watch out for storms all through Texas and especially New Mexico if you wander that far south. That's what's been hitting here and is expected every day this week. Poor Indy ... Cooper does the same thing. After having been stationary, it takes him awhile to get used to traveling again. Give her some hugs for me.

    1. On way to Ohio for wedding, then we will most likely go across I-80 to California.


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