Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Amana RV Park and Event Center


The Amana RV Park and Event Center is just that...a MASSIVE park which is setup for, and used as, a RV Rally location.  In June, the Tiffin Allegro Rally had about 300 motorhomes in attendance.  The RV Park can accommodate 450 motorhomes.  One of their community buildings can seat over 1,200 people.  There is adequate parking along the outskirts of the park to handle that many people.  So as a RV Park, they spread you out so much that you enjoy the solitude and quietness that other parks cannot provide.  But "if" you are traveling with three other RVs (or just meeting 3 other RVs), all four of you can camp in a group with doors opening up facing the other RVs.

Here are some pictures of the park while we were here.

That shows you just how massive this park is.  For a two night stay via Passport America ($20 per night, 2 nights max, Sunday-Thursday), it gives you a nice place to park, quiet, to relax a bit, and to visit the Amana Colonies which are close by.  I have never been to, nor desire to, go to a RV Rally, but they certainly have the facilities to handle a large crowd.

There are many of these ground squirrels, known as “squinnies” in Iowa, are all over the place, so watch your step because their holes are also all over the place.

Tomorrow we travel to Nebraska, but I will provide a blog about the Amana Colonies, which we visited today.


  1. WOW ... I would love to stay in a park like that. No close neighbors!!!

    1. Too bad you sold your big could have been at the Rally here in June! lol


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