Friday, July 30, 2021

Done with Iowa, Through Most of Nebraska


Thursday morning we left Amana around 7:15.  The evening before I emptied our tanks, unhooked the water supply, and hooked the car up.  We were awake by 6:45.  By 7:30 we were on I-80 headed west.

Look, we have been on the road for OVER a MONTH now!  You keep talking about "Aunt Sandy" and "Uncle Arny" and Grandma and Patti and some dude named Parker.  Hey, I just want to get there...How Much LONGER are we talking about????

Indy, we will be there when we get there.  Just enjoy the scenery will you?

Every time you get into Mom's arms, you fall can't expect her to hold you the rest of the trip you know.  Why don't you play a game...

Hey dad, do you know what you get when you stick your head out the window?

No Indy, what do you get?

A REAL bad hair day!   Are we there yet????


After a fairly easy drive through three major cities (Des Moines Iowa, Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska) we pulled into the Blue Valley Camping Area, in Seward, Nebraska, for a nice, quiet, very reasonably priced nights sleep.  Arrived around 2 pm, we were the sixth RV in the spot which can handle 16 RVs.  Immediately after our arrival a 5th wheel pulled in and parked right next to us...but that was it for the night.  $10 is their senior citizen price, I wrote a check and put it in the envelope with the required info, and put it in their metal drop box.  It is electric only, but they have a dump station, but not a water station.  

Like many of the Middle America County Seats, Seward has a prominent County Courthouse...

...surrounding the square with older business buildings.  In this case, all of the buildings seemed to be filled with active businesses. Seward, first platted in 1873, has a population of just over 7,000, and it represents about half of the population of Seward County.

We were on the road today by 7 am. It was a quiet night, and around 6:30 two trains went through town and the blows of the whistle got us out of bed.  A 325 mile drive, straight west on I-80, with only one major, and one minor work area to worry about.

This is the Great Platte River Road Archway Monument (also known as The Archway that went Bankrupt, paying off bonds of $20 million for only $100,000!)  Built in the year 2000, it finally turned a profit in 2017.  The City of Kearney now owns the archway.


Hey dad, you look like you're in need of a better hair day...why don't you stick YOUR head out the window?

Are you trying to tell me that I did not comb my hair this morning?

You said it, not me...

At 1:00 we pulled into Cabela's in Sidney, Nebraska.

Did not know until today that Bass Pro Shop bought out Cabela's.  Cabela's started in 1961 by Richard N. Cabela.  By 2016 they had over 80 stores, and in 2017 they were bought out by Bass Pro Shop, and many Bass Pro Shop items are sold in this Cabela's.  But we are not here to shop...

...we are here to camp.  This Cabela's has a RV Park, and it is a first come - first serve park.  I figured that we would need to get here early to ensure a spot, and arriving at 1:00 pm (Mountain Time now) was perfect.  We got to select a spot on the end, with a tree on both sides, full hook-ups for $40 per night, but with 10% discount for AAA members (and Good Sam and I think AARP) if you go into Cabela's to pay.  We decided to stay 2 nights so that we don't have to fight for a place to stay on Saturday.  We have a week to get to Sacramento, and we should be able to spend three nights in the Truckee area as long as there are no fires in the area.

Glad we got here early because by 5:30 there was only one back-in sight left, and it was near us...a guy backed his 5th wheel into that slop around 6.  Of course, you can park in their lot for free...which is what we did in Anchorage Alaska back in 2016.  This Cabela's has 27 full hookup pull through sites, 4 full hookup back-in sites, 8 electric only pull through sites, 14 electric only back-in sites, as well as 6 tent sites.

If you ever visit this Cabela's, be sure to stop and look over the Pony Express Monument that is along the main entrance.  It is a good tribute to those men

There are many Pony Express monuments, I have seen the one in Sacramento and the one is Salt Lake City...perhaps others.  When I was in 6th grade, I loved reading about the Pony Express, and Buffalo Bill, and other western stars.



  1. I only stopped at Cabela's once ... I think it was near Reno?? I didn't realize Bass Pro bought them out. You're getting close to that the-road-goes-on-forever part through Wyoming. Sure is pretty country though. Indy is so cute. Does she chase squirrels too?

    1. Last year when we got her, she did not chase Sandy & Arny's squirrels very much...this year, I think she will. She went after a bird at a rest area yesterday.

  2. It's always harder to travel with pets. They need more frequent stretch stops that we tend to ignore.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the trip.

    It's about time.

    1. Indy really is easy to travel with, just a little too much for Marcia when she wants to sleep in her lap. She LOVES seeing all the other dogs we encounter.


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