Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Van Horn to Boerne

I-10 east of Van Horn

Today was 400 miles of I-10.  When we started out at 7:15, it was 27 degrees, and dawns first light was just starting to glow.

21 degrees

About 45 minutes later, it was a crisp 21 degrees...but 30 minutes later it was back up to 28, and soon it was over freezing.  The longer we drove the higher the temps got, and the lower the elevation it became.

Two hours after we started, we were passing through Fort Stockton, and officially we were half way home.

That brought a big smile to someone's face!

Unfortunately we came upon another wreck...a car turned over, probably someone went to sleep driving.

Before 4 we pulled into the Top of the Hill RV Resort in Boerne.  Exactly 2 years to the day we also pulled into this park...the difference is that is was snowing back then, and we stayed for two nights due to cold and snow.  Today it was around 60, and right now it is 47, near the forecast low.

Tomorrow we hope to get to Louisiana, and Florida the next night...perhaps we wil be in our Condo by Saturday.


  1. Glad you are out of the cold weather. Soak up some warm for me!!

    1. We are now in Louisiana, Atchafalaya River Welcome Center...GREAT place to stop...trucks are kept on the other side of the freeway. Mile marker 121, access from either side of freeway, but RV and cars are south, trucks north, frontage road connect the two.

  2. When getting to Louisiana, think of Leonard. His childhood home was moved when I-10 went thru. It sat where the first exit is (Exit 4) coming from Texas.

    Happy travels.

    1. I will remember that...I hope he isn't a LSU fan, us Arkansas Razorbacks "USE TO" eat LSU fans for lunch....lol

  3. Glad you are having a Safe trip heading for home in Florida.
    Wishing you both a Safe, Happy and Healthy New Year.

    It's about time.


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