Monday, December 30, 2019

Benson to Van Horn

Another day that we were off before the crack of dawn.  It was very cold in Benson this morning, around 27 degrees when we left at 6:45. Thank goodness the roads are dry, and traffic was sparse that time of the morning. About the time we got to the New Mexico border, we hit rush hour traffic...eight cars go zooming by us headed towards El Paso...and it was over.

Between Benson and just inside the New Mexico border there are some amazing rock formations...but with the sun just coming up, we didn't bother taking pictures of the real amazing ones outside of Benson.  Above is just a minor example.

The only wreck we have seen in the past three days is this truck in New Mexico.  It seemed that it happened a few days ago, since there was a road side sign and plenty of markers announcing it drivers, yet no police, fire, or any other emergency personal on hand.  

Soon we were coming up on Las Cruces...and we start to see the hints of a bit of smog.

No, this is NOT a real Road Runner.  It is a sculpture which was created in 1993, and it is 20’ tall and 40’ long.  It is made from material which was recovered from the Land Waste Area, and for years that was where it stood.  Around 2002 it was moved to the Rest Area just west of Las Cruces.  The sculpture is made of materials which breakdown as time goes on due to exposure to the harsh climate, and “human exposure” which has created wear and tear as some visitors remove or add pieces to the work.  In 2012 a major refurbish took place, and eventually it will need it again and again.

Now no one can tell Marcia, but our trip is not even half over yet, and we have been on the road for five days.  Tomorrow when we go through Fort Stockton, 120 miles down the road, we will celebrate our halfway point.  I still don't have an idea as to when we will be home, but after tomorrow, it looks like the COLD COLD nights are behind us.


  1. I can't believe they haven't cleaned up that truck wreck. Glad the cold is behind you. I'll complain a lot about how cold it is here if that helps! Safe travels!

    1. Wonder if the company that owns the truck wants to haul it away??? It is strange.

  2. As always, if ever passing thru north Alabama (exit 308 of I-65) , we have two RV sites on our property. One water and electric and one that is full hook-up. We love entertaining and showing RVers our area of the country. Come be our guest.

    1. I remember for sure...just have not been up that way since you offered. Thanks


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