Wednesday, December 18, 2019

False Start on our Exit from California

At Sister's House, Citrus Heights, CA

When we went to bed last night (Tuesday) the only thing we had left was to un-hook the electricity, and put our steps away (we have a manual set of steps before you get on the retractable steps of the motorhome to make it easier for Marcia and Skruffy to get into the motorhome).  At 6:35 I let Skruffy and Bubba out to have their final morning treat from Arny, by 6:45 they were back in and eating, by 7 we started to pull out of the backyard.  By 7:30 we were at Sams to fill up...but that is when I noticed we had a big problem.

Electrical Problem

Since we were only 3 miles at most from Arny and Sandy's house, and Arny is so good with vehicle issues, it made sense to head back to the RV pad in their backyard.  Only issue hindering us from working on it was a light rain that did not let up until around 1:30.  First thing I spotted was some corrosion on the batteries, so I took the two Interstate batteries out, tested them and they were holding 12.6 volts.  Arny and I started to clean them up, got them hooked back up, and 12 volt in the motorhome unless we were plugged in.

After running some power tests with his meter, Arny isolated the problem to the Intellitec Battery Disconnect Switch (pictured above).  Now, locating one which can be here in a few days during the busy Christmas Shopping Season was the next issue.  I had such good luck with Dyers RV Parts and Accessories out of Phoenix, I went with should be here in 2-5 days.  Amazon was giving me a time period of the 24th through the 30th...and even though it was less expensive, I went with Dryers.  Thank goodness the 12 volt system works when we are plugged into the 110 electrical outlet near the RV pad...which is why we did not see that there was a problem when we left this morning since the last thing I did was unhook the 110 and off we went.
Christmas Tree

So with that...we have decided to stay put through Christmas.  HOPEFULLY this Intellitec Battery Disconnect Switch is what is wrong.  Hopefully it will be delivered Friday or Saturday and we will quickly know if this is the problem...fingers crossed.


  1. Well for crying out loud. At least you found it before you got too far. Someone must be watching over you. I hope you get the parts you need, being Christmas and all. The good news is you have a great place to park!
    Merry Christmas!!!

    1. Yes, but having electrical problems is just a pain until you are sure you have it fixed. Once we are up and going, I will feel so much better. And having Christmas with my family is a bonus, that is for sure.


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