Friday, December 13, 2019

Gathering for Dad's Celebration of Life

Edwin Burdick, Edna Burdick, Albert Burdick

Family and friends are coming together for dad's Celebration of Life tomorrow (Friday).  I wanted to share a few pictures from the hundred or so pictures which will be on a slide show for people to enjoy before and after the service.  Above is dad standing with his mother Edna and father Edwin.  My best guess is that this was taken when dad was around 16 years old.  Grandpa was also a Bishop, and grandma played the organ and/or piano and sang in the church choir.

 Albert Burdick, Leroy Burdick 

Here dad is with his older and only brother, Leroy, who was 2 1/2 years older than dad.  My guess here is that dad was around 8 while Leroy was around 11 years old in this picture.

This is mom and dad's wedding day back in lasted for 71 1/2 years.  Having four boys and two adopted girls, their secret to a long lasting marriage was that 'the person who jumped ship had to take all the kids with them.'  (They LOVED telling people that)

Albert Burdick, Dorothy Cline Burdick, Leroy Burdick

Uncle Red (Leroy) said it best in this picture...perhaps that was also a key to the long lasting marriage.

Of course, had they stopped after these three (Bob, Roger, Jim), the marriage would have been a breeze...  Funny, I only remember dad with grey hair...I guess son number four caused him to age faster...

But then the two BEST kids came along, and the younger kids (especially the youngest boy) tried to control the rest of the kids.  I assume that Jim is taking this picture in our backyard.  Here we have me (Dave), with Bob behind me holding MY DOG Snoopy (ok, family dog but EVERYONE KNEW it was my dog), with mom, dad, Sandy (foreground) and Roger (behind dad).  By this time, we ALL wore glasses...but Roger, Sandy and I were pulled out of the pool for this family picture.  WHERE is Patti you might ask?  Sandy and Patti are biological sisters, and Patti was adopted into the family as an adult at mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary.  Only wish she had come into our lives much earlier...

At first I missed the fact that Snoopy (Snooper was her official name) was in the picture...brought tears to my eyes until Skruffy came over and bit my big toe which really brought tears to my eyes.  One day soon...too soon...they will meet at the Rainbow Bridge.  I know they will be good friends.  Snoopy, I hope that day does not come soon...

Now that is a motley crew for sure...Jim, Dad, Roger, Bob and me (Dave), taken in the early to mid-1980's is my guess.

Patti and Sandy took mom and dad up to Donner Lake (Truckee area) and they all enjoyed one last trip to the mountains together.  I know that this trip really made mom and dad's day, and is a very fond memory for Patti and Sandy...the 'true' Angels of the family.

Tomorrow is the tears allowed...but how the heck do we do that????


  1. What great pictures and memories you have. That's pretty amazing they were married so long, especially in this day and age. I do appreciate that today we call it a celebration of life. Hugs to you and your family.


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