Sunday, December 29, 2019

Three Hour Cracker Barrel Visit, then off to Benson

We got up at 7 am, got everything ready, and we were at Cracker Barrel at 8:45 am to meet our friend Laurie.  Laurie's mom and Marcia were very, very good friends for nearly 50 Marcia and Laurie have known each other for just about 50 years now too.  We spent 90+ minutes inside Cracker Barrel, then we moved into the Motorhome.  At 11:30, we had to get on the road so we could get to Benson by 3 pm...we made it at 3:05.  It will be 27 degrees tonight, and is already at down to 42 degrees at 6 pm.  BURRRRRRrrrrrrrr....

As we left the park we saw some of the many Wild Burros that are in and around Lake Pleasant.  This is the first time we have seen them, and with no one behind us except a Park Ranger, we were able to enjoy a short view of the Burros.  Cute little things.

While we were at the dump station so that I could clear our tanks, Marcia got a picture of this Cactus Wren on top of a Saguaro.  We love Lake Pleasant, and we are so happy we were able to get in without a reservation this time.  For $32 per night, there isn't a better deal in Phoenix for a quality place to plug in your motorhome.

Yesterday when we traveled to Phoenix from Barstow, the snow on the mountains and hills along the Mojave Desert made the trip just that much easier to take.  The white gave such character to the normally brown, dull mountains.

 It was a joy to finally leave California by crossing over the Colorado River into Arizona...

It had been 4 months since we were in Oregon...and much too much has happened since then.  Dad, after 91 years, is now with our Lord and Savior...and Skruffy, after 10 years and 2 months of being my best little buddy, and Marcia's best little buddy for nearly 9 years, is sitting on dad's lap, barking directions to anyone and everyone within hearing distance (which is a huge area with her loud mouth...which I still don't know where she got that loud mouth from...)  Both are gone, but not forgotten, and we look forward to the day that we have a huge reunion in the hereafter.  

I figure two more COLD nights, then we will be past San Antonio, and into warmer night air.


  1. Moving right along!!! I'll be right behind you, hopefully when it's a tad bit warmer. GREAT picture of Marcia and Laurie.

    1. Good luck to you when you do was 26 last night and it will be that tonight. At least day temps are in 50's with lots of son. Hope you have a good window with weather.


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