Monday, January 27, 2014

We’re Off, and I Got to Yell at the Devil


At 5:00 sharp we pulled into the Rest Area on I-75, just north of exit 275.  Even though we left our Condo around 3:30, it has been a long, hard day…but we are once again in the motorhome, with the dogs, and tomorrow we will be in a State Park.

1b     1c

To our north the dogs have their own little poop, I mean, play yard and empty spaces beyond.  To our south, empty spaces.  Over the past two hours, a few have come and gone, but it is still empty.


The facility is not bad looking….give it twenty to thirty years of use and we will see how it holds up.  The trucks park on the other side of the building.  We have stayed here before, and the freeway noise is not too bad after 10 or so, and the rush hour traffic heads south, which is on the other side of the freeway.


Back in late July I wrote a blog post I called, “Dealing with Bureaucracy while On The Road”.   It was the story of how we had closed our land line with Verizon, but accidently paid our cellular bill to the recently closed Verizon account…and how they sat on the payment…how they would not transfer the payment over to the cellular division….how we had to pay our bill again and await a refund.  Well, that refund NEVER came….over $250 worth of a refund.  This morning I decided to call the devil and ask for our money.  I will give you the short version.  It took over 30 minutes, I had to YELL, yes YELL, at the billing representative who just would not stop rattling her mouth and listen to what I was saying.  Finally got her to admit that yes, they issued a check back in late July which has never been cashed, and that we should expect payment again in 5-10 days.  Now Marcia was listening to the entire conversation which, I told the lady that she was on speaker phone and Marcia was with me since the account is in her name.  It was the most frustrating phone call that I have had to deal with for the past two years…and if you read last year’s post you will see that it was not fun back in July either. It just is not right for a company to make you jump through all sorts of hoops before they finally admit that "Oh, we do owe you money!"  All she had to do was look at our last payment and she would have seen the entire story of last July.  None of this, "I can't unless you give me an account number, give me the amount of your last payment, our rules and regulations are.......(and she went on and on and on)....and without that I cannot find where you overpaid.....(and on and on and on....)   Be assured they have not heard the last of me….I asked for a supervisor to call me, and there has been no return call.  Looks like I have to draft another complaint letter.


Speaking of going off….ever have one of these go off on you for what seems to be no good reason?  About 15 minutes into being at the rest area, our bathroom GFI blew.  I reset it, and all is fine.  The only thing running on the circuit was the TV.  This happened a number of months ago after traveling…guess it is getting weak…another thing to replace before our Alaska Trip which, by-the-way, is only 93 days away.


Not much of a sunset tonight…but it is nice to be on the road again for six days, five nights….

4a    4b

…with our little puppies.  Skruffy up on the couch next to dad, and Bubba in the driver’s seat where he finally is getting the peace and quiet he likes to have.  Off to a nice, quiet start despite that deVilish start of a day.


  1. I do hate to make calls like that! I think those companies bank on us just getting fed up and giving up! Go Dave!
    Take a deep breath......enjoy your puppies, and have a great time!

    1. Yep, if it was $25, I might have given up...but put a zero after it and that is too much to part with

  2. Glad you have your buddies with you again:)

    Not a bad sunset for a highway rest stop!

    1. Yes, having the dogs around again is really nice. Skruffy sat by me much of the night, would get down to lay on the cool ground for a bit, then turn around and jump up by me again. She alternated by my pillow and Marcia's pillow during the night...sweet little girl.

  3. I feel badly that you had to make that call Dave & Marcia, but I believe you did the right thing. Sometimes, people just don't listen, so sometimes a raised voice get's attention! I'll pray you receive it, soon. Blessings...

    1. Sometimes you just have to roll up your sleeves and let them have it. Once I got her attention, my voice lowered and tone returned...she did not say anything for a good ten seconds, I think she thought we would think she hung up on us...but I know that trick too....dealt with this type of scummy business to many times in my lifetime.


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