Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunrise, Wind, Long Long Drive

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Sunrise in Van Horn Texas this time of year is right at 8 am.  Van Horn is the most Westerly spot in the Central Time Zone.  Promptly at 7:15 the 400 HP Diesel Engine of the motorhome fired up, springing us both up real quick.  By 7:30 we were well upon our way to getting ready to go as the motorhome next to us finally crawled by us and on its way.  We were on our way by 7:45.  Marcia got some real good shots of the sunrise as we traveled down the Interstate.


Today’s wind was relentless, and the cloud cover for much of the day heavy at times.  No striking images as there were yesterday.


At last the dogs have grass again!  They were so happy they did not want to get into the motorhome again.


Found out that Texas has pyramids too!  Well, actually not, but it sure looks like one when you come around the corner and there it is right in front of you.


So we left at 7:45, and arrived at Stone Creek RV Park in Schertz Texas at 4:30 after 440 miles of travel.  This was our second choice for a park, our first was Blazing Star Luxury RV Resort, A Sun RV Resort, in San Antonio (notice I don’t provide a link…you will see why).  It was a bit closer to my brother Jim’s house, but when I called…well, this is how it went.
Hello, my wife and I are going to be in San Antonio tonight and Monday night, do you have any openings…we are Passport America members.
Oh, I am sorry, we don’t do Passport or Good Sam after mid-December because it is our busy season.
Well, that is not what you say on the Passport website, you need to get that changed.  How much would it be?
We don’t have control of what the Passport site say.  It will cost you $100 for the two nights.
I beg your pardon, but YOU DO have input on what the Passport Website says, I have seen it on many other Passport Parks that they don’t accept Passport for specified dates.  It is YOUR responsibility to be sure that Passport has your correct information, and we suffer because you did not do your job.
Needless to say, we are where we are, and they do accept Passport America Sunday through Thursday during the busy season, and we are happy with the place.  The more I thought about it, the more I felt that it is a bait and switch technic that Blazing Star is using.  I will be reporting them to Passport America, Good Sam, and perhaps the Attorney General of Texas.


  1. Good for you Dave. I did the same thing re a park on the NC/VA border. PPA was very grateful. They ask parks every year if there are changes. The lied to you just like I found.

    1. I did report them, and PPA called and talked to me....Good Sam sent a generic standard email message back.

  2. I agree with Sherry, report them every time.

    I guess this is one reason why we quit using CG's while en-route. We now boondock at any convenient big box store. Lowes is the current 1st choice because of free WIFI and McD is becoming 2nd. After a drive like you had, no hassles please. We also tend to get to the CG a little late in the early evening. We used to feel bad about it, but no more in a big-box parking lot. Now WalMart is called a Resort but you need to "bring your own accommodations and amenities". LOL.

    Happy travels

    1. We have stayed at Walmart more than once, but to us if we can spend under $20 for a campground for a night, we will do that. We like rest areas more than Walmarts though....had some good nights in a rest area, but had a few "loud" nights where we wished we had kept on going down the road.


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