Tuesday, January 7, 2014

That Wink


Gee Dad, you and Mom look so much better today (wink wink).  Well little girl, I don’t think either of us feel much better.  It’s like this….you get sick, you start feeling better, then the better part slows to a crawl, and each night is a struggle to get some good sleep because one or the other of us will cough and cough and keep both of us awake.  Last night was like the one before, and the one before that.  Each morning is a struggle, then you start feeling better.


We hit the road by 9:30, drove 8 miles up I-35 to a Pilot and paid $2.95 per gallon for gas, the lowest price yet.  Then we drove the 20 miles over to I-10.  Not much excitement along this part of the route, that’s for sure.


Eventually Marcia got into looking at all the tree skeletons.  And at least the sky was nice and blue, and sun was shinning….but that does not mean it was warm…just not as cold.


The plan was to go through Houston around 1 pm…..and that’s what we did.  It is never fun going through Houston, but we had little problem.  On the other side of Houston there is a Flying J, and it was a good place to walk the dogs, sit a spell and let ones nerves calm down.  From there, we are less than an hour to the RV Park.  We are both so tired of being in Texas…and we will be done with it very quickly in the morning.


We are staying at Hidden Lake RV Resort near Beaumont, Texas.  Another Passport America park, the price is only $17.50 for the night, full hookups.  I still don’t know why these places like to call their “parks” a “Resort”, but they do.  As a park, it is a nice little park.  The staff was very friendly, it has everything you need…although the Internet is from TengoInternet.  It is free, and the first 500 mbs for the day is an ok speed…over that and the speed is cut in half.  At 700 mbs it is cut in half again.  At 900 mbs and it is cut down to a snail’s crawl.  I don’t think we will get to that point.


  1. Hi Dave:
    You're just motoring along. I sure hope you both get over your colds; they can be just miserable - and I sometimes keep the cough around for weeks. YUCK! Hope that doesn't happen for either of you. I can't say it's going to be great weather tomorrow when you pass by here; it's still freezing - only got up to the upper 30s today and it's back down in the 20s now! Hope you both get a good night's sleep tonight.

    1. The cough during the day is not bad...but at night when it starts up, and you don't want to wake up the other person but you do because no matter where you go they can hear you coughing....and then you wake up in the morning feeling so icky for the first half-hour or so.

  2. Texas does go on forever and ever...and ever... and ever... :-D

  3. Sure hope you both start to feel better real soon. Be careful driving, Dave!!

    1. I only take meds after we stop for the day. Only thing I worry about is if I have one of my sneezing attacks, they are very fierce, but I have faced this all my life, rarely happens when I am driving, but I have been known to pull over for a few minutes until they go away.

  4. I am SO not looking forward to going through Texas in the spring. Sure hope that gas price is still there. That's 40 cents a gallon less than we are paying. We've had to move one of us onto the living room bed in order to get sleep during the dual cold sessions. It seemed to help us not wake each other up.


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