Wednesday, January 29, 2014

RV Park at Silver Springs State Park


This picture better shows just how much room we have in our site….a 45’ motorhome pulling a 12’ trailer would have NO PROBLEMS getting into and out of this site, that’s for sure.


There are 59 RV sites, of which I think 2 are being used by Camp Hosts, and a few others by other State Park Staff because the reservation site says that there are 52 available to reserve.  We are in spot #10, which is a pull through which goes from one side of the road to the other in the road loop.  Each of these loop sites are HUGE, very large.  There are four loops, and two of these loops have these large pull through sites.  (note:  anything to the right of the perpendicular road represents cabins, they have about a dozen cabins too.)


There are 16 of these shorter pull through sites which are right next to the road. The only thing I did not like about these is that there is a lot of foot traffic, so you would have a lot of people close to your RV while you are camping.


The rest of the sites are back in sites.  The sites all seemed to be very wide, and deep…a few even deeper than this one.  Most of them sure look like they could handle a 45’ rig with room for a car to park.


Here is a back-in site which is not as deep as the previous one, and there is plenty of room for the car to park.  The site to the right is the end of one of the pull through sites that parallel the road..


Here is one like ours which is empty, but will certainly be full later today or tomorrow at the latest.  It really is very long, and private.  All sites have 30 amp, and some sites have 50 amp, such as ours (but we only need 30 amp.)  When I made reservations I could have had the site for three nights, but we are headed to see Marcia’s brother over in the Orlando area.  The online reservation system is run by “Reserve America”, which runs other state and federal sites.  It is easy to use, and they seem to be very conservative with the lengths mentioned on their site.  If you are reserving for a Florida State Park and you are a Florida resident over 65, you will have the opportunity to select the senior discount at the time of purchase.


Due to the cold weather, we did not get out to the river.  I did venture out far enough to see that Marcia’s GoGo would not have handled the pathway, despite the fact that they advertise their trails as being handicap accessible.  Might be accessible for a wheelchair being pushed by a big, strong person, but not a GoGo, or a person trying to maneuver their own wheelchair the whole way along the route.  Until recently, Silver Springs State Park was known as Silver River State Park.

The Silver Springs Advisory Group is a 21-member panel of government officials, scientists and representatives of various interest groups tasked by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection with helping craft a long-range plan for Silver Springs State Park.  Earlier this month they issued a report which recommends that the Silver Springs Wild Waters Water Park be closed, although the glass bottom boats attraction should remain….just for the removal of the popular Water Park.  The report just felt that the water park is too close to the fragile springs, and that a more appropriate use of that land was in order.  I am sure the local residents, who not only like and use the park, but love the number of visitors it brings to their area to stimulate the economy, are going to put up a big fight over this one.


We will have to come back and stay longer so that we can see the river (above picture found in Google Images), and perhaps get on one of the glass bottom boats.  Knowing Florida’s heat record, this is the time of year to come…but you might strike out with 42 degree weather like we did (oops, it just hit 43!)


  1. Looks good. Would love to get some of those pics to associate and share with others here Video is even better; pictures and video solve so many of the problems that come up for RV campers. You know what you like, I know what I like, and others know what they want. Your pictures and descriptions really help to set a mood. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hope the weather gets better before you go home - it's too cold and rainy!
    What's wrong with the trail? Is it just to uneven or soft?

    1. It was a bit soft, perhaps due to the rain, and a bit bumpy for the GoGo....if it is not blacktop or real solid ground, Marcia is afraid of getting stuck.


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