Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sick Day, Everyone’s Gotta Have One

Well, she is not as “sick as a dog”, but she is certainly not feeling well.  She slept in, took a long, well deserved and needed nap for about three hours, and then got up and had a little soup and real, Florida Orange Juice.  Not knowing what to do about seeing Joyce one last time, as she was getting ready to call Joyce, Joyce’s daughter Laurie called us.  She then got a three-way call going with Marcia and her mother, and they all decided to meet for dinner at 4 pm.  When she laid down we were unsure if she would be up to going out today….we are glad that the nap and rest did some good, but she is far from being better.  As for me, I am better than yesterday, but still not up to 100%….but after a quick oil change tomorrow, I am more than well enough to drive a few hundred miles.


Well, let me tell you….if you are ever in the Phoenix area, you need to try Chompie’s.  They have an amazing menu.  Breakfast until 3 pm, and Breakfast All Day, and then a wide selection of soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, fish, specialties, and on top of all of this….a very large selection of what looks to be homemade deserts, pastries, breads, and a large selection of deli meats that they will slice to go.   I had a “Mile-High Rare Roast Beef” sandwiches on Challah Roll, which was 1 of 15 different breads they have.  Also had Mushroom Beef Barley Soup.  Marcia had some Chicken with Noodles soup and a Chopped Liver Sandwich, on Rye Bread….which she finished the soup and got some of the sandwich down.  Joyce and Laurie also had soup and sandwiches, but I did not pay attention to what type because I was blown away by the size and looks of my sandwich.  If you look at the graphic above and to the left, you can see what I saw….a mile-high pile of rare roast beef, and I had Wedge Cut Fries with it.  Now I only ordered the Jumbo Half size….don’t know if I could have got the N.Y. Full down.  Now I have two very good new places in Phoenix to eat at....Charr Burger Bar and Chompie’s Deli.

As we pulled up to the motorhome around 6:45, the moon was just getting ready to set over the McDowell Mountains.  A good way to say good-bye to McDowell…but when we are in the area again, I am sure we will be staying here again.

Note:  I posted twice on January 2nd, if you missed the first one, New Year at McDowell Mountain Regional Park, click here to view includes two good pictures of the Fountain at Fountain Hills that I showed from afar previously.


  1. So sorry to hear you both were under the weather. I had a short bout of some intestinal thing too. Fabulous moon shot! McDowell is on my list thanks to you.

    1. Oh yes, you and David would enjoy it...lots of hikes right here in the park, we see hikers all the time. Just remember the temps when you visit Arizona, that's for sure.

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon!

    Glad you had a nice visit with Joyce...we always appreciate restaurant recommendations....thanks!

  3. You are welcome. "IF" I could only eat at one of these places only once more...well, my love for a good Burger would draw me to Charr....however, I also love a good Roast Beef or Turkey Sandwich, and Chompie’s has those, along with so many other Chompie's would win out due to the vast number of items they have available, especially the deserts...wish I had my camera to show the display and vast quantities of different desert goodies.

  4. Take care of yourselves. Hope Marcia feels better real soon. Glad you are on the mend:)

    Beautiful photo of that moon. I love when the whole moon can seen in shadow.


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