Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunday Day of Rest in Prospect Oregon

Every once in awhile, even when you are traveling in a motor home, it is nice to sit back and just enjoy the day, looking out the window, watching episode after episode of NCIS, and play on the computer.  Sunday was one of those days, for the most part.  As the day progressed, Marcia did do some laundry.  I did map out more of our trip, trying to figure out places to stay, places we should get fuel, places to see.  And the dogs, well Skruffy and Bubba just kinda kicked back too...although one was more interested with what was going on outside than the other.

Well, they both look outside, but Skruffy seems to be more "into it" than Bubba is.  They both enjoy the walks, they enjoy the few minutes we are allowed to let them be tied up outside, but Skruffy is the one that reacts to the noises, to the people walking by, and especially to the dogs that walk by with their owners.

And, of course, the love their morning treats.  Bubba is so kind and gentle when he takes it from your hand....

 ....while Skruffy grabs it away before you can get the picture taken, chews 2 or 3 times, swallows and turns around looking for more!
Well, today we are getting out and enjoying the abundance which has been provided for us.  Yesterday was a hard, tuff day....just don't know if we stand looking at views like this much longer!  (these last three pictures were taken out of our windows...didn't even leave the motor home to take them.)

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