Thursday, July 19, 2012

Portland for 3 days

On Wednesday we attempted to stay an extra day at the KOA near Mt. St. Helens, but despite the many open sites around us, the lady said the site we were in we rented out for four days, and that yes we could stay, but would have to move.  Since we had to move, we decided to move to Portland for three days.

The dogs were so excited....
Well, I guess the lack of people around at the KOA (above) is a good sedative for the little one, while Bubba does what he does best.

But where we are, there are so many RV's so close together, that Skruffy is always on the lookout, either visually or just with her ears, that her occasional outbursts break what peace and quiet we do get.

Of course, when we arrived, she REALLY had to check things out...
....that's our Skruffy girl!

We will only be here for three nights before we started our drive to Coer D'Alene where we will stay Monday through Friday before heading to Glacier National Park area for a week.  Can't wait, because it feels a bit crowded around here....
Here is our neighbor to the right..
...and the space between us is, well, small to say the least.
Boy, this park is huge.  It is called the Portland Fairview RV Park.  If you have to stay in Portland, it does seem to be one of the better places to stay.  But look at this image of the place...
It's like a city within a city....and I don't want to be in this city too awful long.

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