Sunday, July 29, 2012

North American RV Park - Coram, Montana

We had around a 250 mile trip today, so we got out of the park around 10 am.  I knew that we would lose an hour when we got to Montana since it is on Mountain Time, while Idaho is on either Pacific or on Mountain, depending upon what part you are in...we were in the Pacific zone.
The first 75 miles were along I-90 (above), and that went real well.  I had knew there was a rest area around the 60 mile mark, and figured we should stop for a few minutes because most of the rest of the route would be two-lane highways, and it is harder to find places to stop along those roads.  I am glad we did, because right at this rest area, which was in Montana, road construction started up and lasted about 8 miles.  This put us into the west bound lane, and a nice concrete barrier was along our right side for all that time.  That is never fun, but about half of this time we had a pretty wide lane...but at times it became very narrow.  Montana was just as pretty as Idaho along I-90, and with the narrow lane, and the traffic which backed up behind us, I did not get to see those last 8 miles.  It was not very long after the construction ended that we turned off the Interstate.
 The two lane highway (above) was very nice, with this river running along the highway (below) for a good chunk of our trip.  It was the Clark Fork River.  Now I have heard of a "north fork" of this river, or a "south fork" of that river...but I have never heard of a "Insert Name" Fork River like this.  But it sure gave us some awesome scenery.

 Note: the redish color in the mountains is not as red as it looks in the pictures...somehow the camera got on a setting outside of "auto", I tried to clean it up, but the redish tint just would not clear up.  It would have to have happened with the nice scenery pictures....oh well.

 At about the 1/2 way point we found a nice turnout to stop (below) and walk the dogs, and just relax a bit.  I did not mind the view, that is for sure...only wish there was some grass for the little ones, but Skruffy and Bubba did just fine with the small amount of green stuff along the side of the turnout.
 For much of the trip we noticed a heavy at times smoky overcast, which did restrict the views of the distance mountains.  This shot of Flathead Lake (below) would have been awesome had the sky been blue and the distance mountains could be seen.  Flathead Lake is very large, and very active with boats, swimmers and fishing.
We got to the RV Park around 4 pm, which meant it was a 5 hour drive.  I have been trying to keep our motor home drives down to the three and under range, but the 5 hours was not bad this time.  It is much more relaxing driving a car than a motor home, but it is becoming more relaxing driving the motor home, especially when the traffic is light, and the drive is pretty.  Today was a bit of both of those, for the most part.

We are at the North American RV Park in Coram, Montana.  There are many nice motor homes here, and not nearly as dusty as ours is...I wonder where they went to clean them? 

Glacier is only 15 miles or so up the highway.  Tomorrow we plan, after church, lunch, and a trip to Walmart, to drive to the Visitor's Center to get the park maps, see a movie if they have one, and see what we are into on Monday when we plan to travel the "Going-to-the-Sun" road, which goes from the west entrance to the east entrance.

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