Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Coyote Point RV Park, Lincoln City, OR

Our prescriptions were not going to be ready until around noon, so had to decide what to do.  So we left the motor home, with the dogs, around 8 a.m., and headed north because there was another lighthouse for us to see, and also the "Dunes" are just north of Coos Bay.  By the time we got back, I had just enough time to program the GPS, and while I was on my way to Walgreens, the text arrived saying they were ready.

So we headed north twice today, once with HHR, later in motor home with HHR in tow.  Most of the picture for today are from that first trip.  The first thing we saw was a wonderful bridge, one we had to pull off down a side road to get a full shot of it.  

We also could not help shooting it while we were going under it too.  Each set of beams formed a spire to drive under.  At 40 mph, it was a neat illusion.

Next we came to a very patriotic, and somewhat religious, monuments to the Vets of our nation.  It was right past the bridge, and in the MIA POW photo you can see the bridge in the background.


For a little bit I wondered if we would make it to the lighthouse...but we did.  But just before the lighthouse we came upon this neat little lake...there seems to be many of them around here.  This one is named Lake Marie.
Right around the corner was the Umpqua River Lighthouse located at the mouth of the Umpqua River on Winchester Bay.  Put into operation in 1857, the original one collapsed due to unstable foundation, and the newer, current one was put into operation in 1888, and is run by the coastguard today.
 We both liked this one better than the one yesterday, and this one was in operation, so that made a difference.  The view below is what you would see looking out from the lighthouse.  It happens to be a prime whale watching spot during the late winter and early spring months.

Next we checked out a small portion of the "Dunes".  North of Coos Bay for about 40 miles or so are some very large sand dunes, and they are ripe for the ATVer.   In the picture below near the top you can just see a dot, which is a guy on a ATV.

Both of us marvel at the huge amounts of is as if the ocean bed was once right here, as if water had covered the earth once a long time ago.  :)
Just north of the lighthouse and this portion of the dunes, we came to Winchester Bay, and near the marina is this monument dedicated to the men and women from this port who have been lost while seeking their livelihood from the sea.
Well, we got back to the motor home, zipped by Walgreens, and we were back on the road headed north by 12:30.  It was a very pretty drive, like many we have had.  There was a few, short areas where the road was winding, and we went through a narrow tunnel with low clearance along the edges, but we stayed near the middle the best we could and I managed to make it through without another scratch.  We saw many things along the way, and we plan to retrace our steps about 40 miles or so tomorrow, but we did manage to get just a couple of pictures in while driving along.
Another bridge above, and pretty coastline below. 
We finally made it to the Coyote Rock RV Park I had picked out.  It is a couple of miles inland from the ocean, along a peaceful river, very unused highway, and a very busy park.  We did get a spot, but it is so far back that the Wi-Fi is slow, cell phone use is spotty, and so far I have not been able to get the cable TV to work.  To get this blog posted, I had to set the laptop on the dash of the motor home, which is closest place to the office where I am sure the signal is being sent out from.  Even then, the signal goes away at times.....well, we will be here for two nights, will see how it goes.  But here are a few pictures of where we are.
 View out our front window (above) and our side window (below).  The river is just beyond that grass, which now has tent campers in it.
Our site is the best thing about this sure isn't the services that are advertised, but that is how it is sometimes.

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