Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mill Casino - North Bend, Oregon

Well I told Marcia that if were to continue spending all this money, we would either have to double what we have, or go broke.  So we came to the Mill Casino, put all our money down on the craps table hoping that the player would pull a seven....and well, now what do we do when the fuel runs out????
So here we are, parked in a "parking lot" at the grass, no water hookups, no sewer, and no electricity except for the generator.  And every time we turn it on, well we will be using up our fuel.  As you can see is pretty desolate.

So I saw Skruffy looking out the window, and had a great idea....we all see people with dogs out with signs along the highways....well, our dogs should bring us in a BUNCH of money!

So we faced the motor home toward highway 101, and as people drive by, this is what they see....
Now all we need to do is find another cardboard sheet and make a sign letting people know that we need $$$$ for fuel too!   And then we will open a paypal site and seek online donations.  Perhaps we will get out of here in a week or two....

Ok, so it's not April 1st.  But for those of you who thought that Skruffy got a Squirrel in the back yard (see "One Dead Squirrel" post), and I KNOW that some did because of comments that I heard, well, I hope we got you again!

Yes, we are in a parking lot of the Casino.  There is a RV park here, but we can stay in the parking lot for free, or pay $60+ for 2 nights in the RV park.  Yes, we won't have water, electric, etc while here.  We plan to be here for 2 nights and 1 day so that we can hopefully do the following:
  • Get Marcia a hair cut...she has been begging for one since we left Sacramento
  • Get our medications filled at the one and only Walgreens in the area
  • Pick up a few more items at Walmart, which is where Marcia plans to get her hair cut
  • Do some sightseeing
Well, we will let you know how all this works out.  Now, does anyone have any ideas as to have to get a cardboard sign off the side of an RV which has been super glued to the side???

(gotcha again!  photoshop does wonders...)

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