Saturday, June 30, 2012

Crater Lake

Today the weather was going to turn a bit sour....rain was predicted as the day got later and later.  We left for Crater Lake around 10:30.  It is only 35 miles to the south visitor's center where you get a good look at the lake.  But at first we did not turn to the center and went down to the first view of the lake.  WOW!

And, of course, someone wanted to get in on the action....That's our Skruffy!
So then we went over to the "Visitor's Center" area.  It was full of cars and people, thank goodness for the ADA parking.

WELL, it is Saturday, so a crowd would be expected.  They come for the view, that is for sure!

Crater Lake is so very pretty...and the water is really blue.  Sometimes around the edge of land it is an emerald green.  As you watch it for awhile, you will see various colors of blue appear as the reflection of the sky and the sun hits the water.  It is very amazing.  The two pictures below capture the blues and some of the greens along the shore line.

Crater Lake was once one large volcano called Mount Mazama, which erupted, then collapsed.  There are no rivers flowing into the lake, nor out of the lake.  Evaporation is compensated for by rain and snowfall.  There probably was no fish when it was first discovered by the "white man" in the mid-1850's, but Salmon and Trout were introduced.  They thrive....but their off-spring does not because they normally need shallow water to spawn in.

Now, I am sure that many of you had a "better lunch" than we did today.....

....but I am fairly certain that you did not have the view that we had today.  :)

One thing about Crater Lake, there are many trees to frame your pictures in.

We drove around the lake as far as they would let us.  There is a west and a east rim road.  The west road is open, the east road is about 1/2 open.  They are still clearing snow from areas of the east rim road that is closed.  Yes, it is the last day of June, and there is snow...lots of it.

You can see by the car how large the snow bank appears to be.  We are pretty sure there is also a hill of dirt that the snow is hiding.
But at this pull-out, the snow pile by the snow machines is very high...even Skruffy was amazed.
 It is strange to see such a large, open field of snow on the last day of June.

The views away from the lake were good too....we will be back later in the week when the weather has cleared up, so you will have to suffer through a few more pictures from Crater Lake.

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