Friday, June 22, 2012

Goodbye Sacramento Family, Hello Clear Lake

We arrived in Sacramento Area on April 23rd, and after two great months, along with a few side trips with and without the motor home, it was time to say goodbye, and head out.  However, there is always those last minute things, such as one last visit to Felipe's, one last dinner with family.  Yesterday I also had a long lunch with an old friend, Jay, with whom I shared a duplex with twice back in my Sacramento Restaurant Manager days.  We will get together along with our wives during our next visit next summer.

As for the dogs....they got one last bath,  one last run on the grass, one last bark at the Squirrels, and one last morning treat from Uncle Arny.
Good morning, last one down the stairs is a cat lover!
 Hmmm....I know them squirrels are around here somewhere.
 Hey Bubba, look....It's Uncle Arny!
 Me!  Me!  It is my turn to get the treat Uncle Arny!!!!

Skruffy and Bubba got Uncle Arny and Aunt Sandy a thank you had a picture of a dog's face on the front with wording which went something like this:  "Thanks for all you have done.  You have made me so happy that....", at which time you open it, and there is the entire dog with a tail attached to a spring so it wags all over, and the wording continues with, "my tail almost wagged right off my butt".   It was so true, because both dogs just loved being at the house, running and playing in the yard, standing guard over them darn Squirrels that come and eat the nuts and tease and torment them from up in the tree...or along the fence....or along the telephone wires....

We got off around 10:30.  Mom was sick and did not make it by to say goodbye, but we had goodbyes from her last night.  With slight symptoms of the flu, we did not chance going over there this morning, and she was laying down sleeping anyway, according to dad.  Patti had taken off yesterday on her trip to the mid-west.  So our final goodbyes were with Sandy, Arny and Dad, and we left with tears in our in our heart....and with two dogs who are going to go through terrible withdraws over the next few days.

We arrived in Clear Lake near the town of Nice around 1:30.  We are staying at the Aurora RV Park & Marina for the next three nights.  The weather is cloudy, some slight rain at times, temps around 65 degrees...a big change from the 100+ degree weather we had just a few days ago.  Here are a few pictures of the RV Park, and Clear Lake, which we can see outside our windows.
The RV Park is quiet, near the lake, and not crowded at all.  It cost $28 per night plus tax, has full services including free Wi-Fi, and 60+ channel of cable TV.
The sites are fairly close, but since they are not very busy, we have lots of space.  The white oleander bushes, seen a lot along California highways, are in bloom and are give the park a nice touch.
 Below are three views of Clear Lake as seen from the edge of the RV park.

The RV park is split into two sections, separated by Lakeview Drive.  Although the sites on the other side have a little better view of the lake, it is not worth the four extra dollars they ask for that comes with the view.  We also got a 2 for 1 coupon for a meal at the Robinson Racheria Resort and Casino,  and two $10 "Match Play" coupons in case we decide to do any gambling....which is doubtful.

And as for Bubba and Skruffy...well, I think they wish they were running and playing in that big backyard, and seeking just one more treat from Uncle Arny...who provided a bag of treats with special instructions that they get one each and every morning.
Above they check out the view from the front door....while below, you can see how enthusiastic they are with being back inside the motor home.
Hmmm....we might have to invest in a Doggie Psychiatrist.  

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