Monday, June 25, 2012

Humbolt Redwoods

We left Clear Lake around 10 a.m., and I wish I could say that it was an uneventful trip, but it wasn't.  But it was a pretty drive, with many nice views, including Lake Mendocino, which we saw off to our left just before getting to Highway 101.
Then when we got to Willits, the traffic was a bit heavy...but in a small town like this, it did not last long.  Seemed just to be the number of traffic lights along the highway slowing traffic to a crawl, and at times, to a dead stop.
Then a bit further along, it was time for lunch.  There was a rest area just south of the town of Laytonville called the Irvine Rest Area.  It was a sharp right, over a narrow bridge, another sharp right, and into the rest area where you have to make a sharp u-turn to exit going out the same way you came in.  Well, while I started to make the first right, another large motor home was getting ready to cross the bridge the other way.  I was committed, and not sure about this guy, I took the curve a bit too tight....and rubbed the side up against the guardrail.  We could hear something scrap, but I wondered if it was the over-hanging tree branch.  At the rest area, I did a quick look around, looking "UP" of course, and did not see I assumed it was a branch up top.  But when we got to our RV Park, I learned differently.
Above is the guardrail in question.  Here is a link to google maps where it happened.  Below is the damage as see from afar, and then close up.
 From afar, it is hard to see....close up, you can see the damage on each side of the wheel, and into one of the compartment doors.
Well, it could have been worse...and for those wondering, that "white glob" above the wheel is, that is bird droppings.  Both Marcia and I are fine, the dogs are fine, my ego is scared along with the motor home.

We arrived at the Ancient Redwood RV Park just before 3 pm.  There were two parks which I had in mind, and this was the closer one, and although it will cost us $20 more per day, it is nicer, and closer to the Redwoods since it is right along the Avenue of the Giants.  The RV park is only 4 years old, but other than the lack of cell phone coverage, the lack of cable TV, and the sites being close (as most are), it is a nice setting, and peaceful setting.
Above you can see the layout of the park.  A road to the right, a road to the left, and also one right down the center after you pass the first 3-4 spaces.  The sights all have pavement, and they are very level even before you put your levelers down.
The skies are full of rain clouds, but it has only lightly rained a few times for a few minutes at a time.  It even rained a bit inside the motor home...opps, that was my tears, never mind.
As long as we don't get too many more RV's come in, this will be fine for two nights.  And we have two DVDs to watch, and there is always radio or (the latter is an Internet site where you can watch some old TV shows and movies for free....but I doubt our Internet connection here at the park will handle it.)

Tomorrow we will explore the Avenue of the Giants.

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