Friday, June 29, 2012

Crater Lake RV Park

Our stay in Medford was brief, but we got a lot done in less than 24 hours.  First, the fuel leak was taken care of.  Second, we both got a good night's sleep.  Third, we filled up with fuel.  Four, we shopped for food and supplies for a week.  Five, I decided on a new way to have "lights" on the HHR when we travel.

By 1:30, we were ready to head up to Crater Lake RV Park, in Prospect, OR.  The drive was easy, and the scenery was great.  Lots of trees, but not the giants like we have been seeing the past week.  Marcia was a bit tired from all that shopping (yep, she shopped until she dropped), so as we headed out, my co-pilot was non-other than.....SKRUFFY DOG.

Although I am not finished with the wiring, I did do a test run on the way up here, and will finish with more permanent wiring over the next few days.  What we got was lights to put on the top of the HHR.  They stay there by magnets, which worried me at first, until I talked to this guy in the KOA who was from Elk Grove, CA, just south of Sacramento.  He use to work at the large Campbell's Soup plant just a mile or so from the restaurant I first started working at back in High School.  He quit Campbell's 35+ years ago to become a minister.  Anyway, he pulls a GEO Tracker which has a canvas roof, and puts his magnet lights on the side of his Tracker, and has never had a problem with it.  So I decided to go that route and got the Blazer Magnetic Towing Lamp Kit from Walmart.  It did not take long to hook them up as a trial, and they work great.  What I like is that I can see the "orange side" of the lights in the back-up camera, so I know they are working. Below you can see them in the camer's TV working while I was breaking, and had the left blinker flashing.
Now be didn't think you see the left blinker actually blinking now did you?   lol  Below is what they look like from behind.  Of course, they are easy to put up and take down, and once I have the wiring complete, it will just be a matter of putting them up, plugging them in, and doing the normal hooking of the HHR to the Motorhome.
We look forward to visiting the area, and this RV Park is really a nice RV park.  The longer you stay, the less expensive per night it is.  There is no cell phone service, except up at the office where the owner has a high antenna and a boaster to provide a small cellular area. We had 3 bars just 2 miles away, and I think we will have it again 2 miles closer to Prospect, but right here is a dead area.  We do have good Internet, and more TV channels than one could ever need since they provide, for $3.50 per day, full Direct TV signal, including the box.  Finally, the pads are the longest I have seen...about 70' long.  The space between the sites is not large, but everyone of them is full of trees, rocks, tree stumps, so it does help to give that buffer than everyone enjoys.  And, of course, there are many dogs in the park, so Skruffy and Bubba have something to look at.
 We are planning to stay here through the 4th of July week, leaving on Sunday the 8th to head up north.  I sure hope we can stand the beauty of this area...

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