Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Silver Springs State Park–Dog Duties


We arrived at Silver Springs State Park at 12:45, knowing that checkout time was 1:00…we were in our spot by 1:30.  It was so hard getting our 32’ motorhome and car into this 60’ pull through!  Seriously, it really is big…why couldn’t we find sites this big when we had the 40’ American Eagle? 


After driving about 70 miles north, we came upon another nicely laid out Rest Area.  This one is older, but the layout is actually better.  The trucks are close to the highway, then the building, then the cars and then a large RV area.


We are just going to have to remember this rest area for future use.  Not a bad distance if we get away on a trip around noon and want to stop after an easy 3 hour drive.


So after the long days travel, the puppies are exhausted.  Well, I have another surprise in store for them.


It has been over a month since I last cut their hair.  This is how I cut them while on the road.  Folding table from Sams Club (it stores under the bed), Garbage can for the hair (Motorhome's garbage can), carpet so they don’t slide on the table (entrance way carpet), Marcia’s GoGo (we carry it inside the HHR) with chair turned backward for a seat to work from.  Skruffy's first, and she is sitting there waiting on the table.  She is  fairly easy, although she complained about having her “face done”.  Normally she is just so cooperative. Bubba, well, I say this every time…his hair is just so thick!


The end result…a big pile of hair, mostly Bubba’s.

4c     4d

And here they are after showers (no pictures of the showers due to their privacy concerns, but I put the table out by the outside shower…let your imagine go from there.)

5a     5b
5c     5d

Tomorrow, if the weather is good, we will explore the park.  But we are very happy with our camping spot.  As you can see in the top two, our neighbors in front and behind are on the other side of the road, and a good distance away.  Bottom left shows the spot to our left, which was empty last I saw.  On our right is more of the road and the bathrooms on the other side.  All of the sights are buffered by trees and some distance, which makes the camping experience much more enjoyable. 


Electric and water for $14 per night with the senior discount for Florida residents.  This is our first, but not our last, stay in a Florida State Park.  Reservations is a must, especially this time of year.


  1. Glad you are all settled in with nice clean pups! Nice spot you have there.....enjoy!

  2. The dogs are looking good, all cleaned up! Enjoy your little vacation:)


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