Wednesday, January 8, 2014

On into Florida


After 880 miles of Texas….who would have thought that “I” would be so thankful for this???


Now that’s an “inside joke” for my Rotary Club in Pine Bluff….I am sure my good friend Joe will pass it on to the LSU fan in the club…..


The most notable part of the day was counting all the police officers that were along I-10 today in Louisiana.  Seriously, we saw around twenty police cars, most state police, along the 250 miles of I-10 / I-12.


Yes, we indeed drive all the way into Florida….about 135 miles into Florida on I-10….but I had to change out the copilot for some of it as Marcia had enough and went back to the bed to sleep for a few hours.  Of course, Skruffy loves to fill in.


Looking good there dad, keep it between the lines now.  Hey, is that Poodle in that car up there….can you hurry and try and catch it??


Three hundred miles away from our home that’s not on wheels…..I think I hear a large comfortable chair calling my name….. We are sitting in a Rest Area, which , by the way, has night security as do all Florida rest areas which are open at night.  That's one reason we love to stay in a Florida Rest Area on our way to of from home.  Some even have a separate parking place for RVs...those ones are real nice to stay in.


  1. You are almost safe and enjoy your time at home. We are headed in the opposite direction...looking for some warm weather!

    Hugs to the pups!

  2. Good that Skruffy was able to take over co-pilot. I'm sure you were in good hands:)

    Welcome back to cloudy FL. Sure isn't the FL we had for our last two visits.

  3. Oh the never ending Texas! I can totally understand being happy to see the state line going in any direction!! Did you catch the poodle for Skruffy??


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