Monday, January 6, 2014

Lunch, Dog Park, Brrrrr…


Today we met my brother Jim and his wife Carol at Chuy’s Mexican Food, which is just down the freeway from where we are staying.  They were kind enough to take the drive over to this side of town, and we are thankful for that.  We are more thankful that they agreed to meet for lunch instead of dinner because it is going to be COLD tonight here in sunny San Antonio.  “How Cold?”  Well, let’s just say that if Santa Anna had marched up to the Alamo on January 6, 2014, he would have told the Texans that they can have it and high-tailed it back to Mexico.  Frankly I have heard it will be as high as the mid-twenties, to as low as the low teens.  We hope it is the mid-twenties.


Chuy’s is your basic Tex-Mex restaurant chain.  Started in 1982, there are now 38 locations spread out over a dozen states.  Here is the menu link.  For this type of restaurant we found the food was real good, the server was very friendly, and it was busy at lunch, but we took our time because we were there for 2 1/2 hours.  It was nice seeing them again, and one of these times we need to spend more time in San Antonio….but for now we are focused in getting back home.


This RV park has two different dog park areas, this one is for the small (under 25 pounds) dogs.  The dogs have been so good since we left Sacramento, I let them roam the park for nearly an hour as I shivered in the 33 degree temps.

2b     2c

Bubba loves to sniff, sniff, sniff…and then he comes to a corner and stares out.  It’s like, “Hey, I wonder what it smells like over there?”

2f     2d

Skruffy loves to go sniffing too….but she is all over the place very quick, always looking around for the dog that left whatever scent she just smelled.


Then they strike gold as a “new friend” wants to come in and play.  And boy did two year old “Bullet” play.  I got so involved talking to Bullet’s dad that I failed to take pictures of the three of them playing.  Let’s just say that Skruffy got all of her barking out of her system for a while….and Bubba had someone to run and play with that didn’t bark at him all the time like Skruffy does.  All said, they had a great time….and this is what they are doing now, at 5 pm.


First thing this morning I sent Passport America and Good Sam a message about the park which advertised that they gave discounts…but refused to do so when we called yesterday.  Good Sam gave a standard, scripted, generic email back.  Passport America gave me a call and asked for more information.  The lady was very nice, and told me that she would send me an email when she got a full answer from the representative she knows with Sun RV Resorts which owns the RV park in question.  She too was very surprised that the representative said that they did not do Good Sam since Good Sam is a standard 10% off year around.  Well, if I hear more, I will pass it on. 


With all this cold weather hitting the country, I hope you all, wherever you are, stay warm and safe.


  1. It's sooooo cold. I thought we'd seen the last of the cold weather and took my winter jacket (my only one) to the cleaners on Friday and can't get it back until this afternoon. I've been layering upon layering; even in bed last night I wore a hooded sweatshirt!

  2. Hopefully, you kept warm in those low temps in Arizona. Here in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, it was absolutely freezing last night! Before heading to sleep, the weather person told us it would drop with wind, to -40 C/-40F. :( Wishing I was in Arizona visiting with either my cousin, or with you both! :) Enjoy yourselves! Blessings, Lynn


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