Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Lazy Days and Lazy Nights - Albuquerque, NM

First, we had to GET to Albuquerque New Mexico

Here is a look at the Double D RV Park that we stayed in at the Oklahoma-Texas Boarder.  Nice little park, and we had it all to ourselves.  $14 Passport America price.

It only took us a minute or two before we were into Texas.  Saw this cloud formation outside my window which looks very interesting.


The Texas Information-Rest Area is a typical "LARGE" Texas rest area.  Things really are bigger in Texas.  (Bigger does not mean better...) 

With the winds that are always in Texas, there are numerous windmill death traps along the highway.

The largest free standing cross in the western hemisphere, located along interstate 40 in Groom Texas. The cross,  erected in 1995, is 19 stories tall, and can be seen from as far as 25 miles away.


It only took a couple of hours, and a fill-up in Amarillo, to get into New Mexico.  

I-40 in Oklahoma/Texas/New Mexico follows what is referred to as the California Road (not the California Trail which is further north along I-80).  It was another route, not used as much, to the California Gold Fields.

The rest of the route in New Mexico was just full of wind.  I could not help but remember the time back in 2016 when our fuel pump went out along I-40 in New Mexico.  THAT was an experience we don't wish to relive...but the longer your RV the more likely something like that is going to happen again.

As I said yesterday, this if our fourth time at the Enchanted Trails RV Park & Trading Post.  They don't seem to have as many 'iconic' older cars and RVs as they did before...probably couldn't say no to a goo offer that someone made.  It is still a nice park, and there are still a lot of older RVs, cars, tractors, and other stuff.

Indy and I sat out in the wind, in the front of the motorhome which blocked most of the wind, for a good hour.  She saw some birds, a half dozen dogs, one of which was of the Pitt Bull bread, but she was very nice to anyone and anything that came by.  She wished the smaller dogs would have come closer, she would have loved to have played.

Here you can see her sitting on my lap, and the wind has blown her face pretty good.  Took her for a walk down the doggie walk and she did her business, so I won't have to worry about letting her out again at 2:30 am as I did last night.  Hard to drive so much and keep on a potty schedule.

Tomorrow will be laundry day, and more R&R.  Looks like we are on track to be in California sometime Sunday or Monday, God willing.


  1. Looks like Indy was pretty interested in those pigeons as well. $14 is pretty reasonable, those rates are hard to find nowadays!

  2. That's a great little park. Always nice people and pull throughs. Sorry the wind is still a problem. Cooper won't even go out if it's windy. Take your time getting here ... as you know, it's not all that great!!!


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