Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Orange City Florida Visiting Family


On Tuesday we got away from the Condo right at 10 am.  We had only been home for 3 months and 11 days, but it felt like way more with the major kitchen upgrade, all of our Doctor's appointments, and oh ya, did I mention our Kitchen Upgrade???  

By 2:00 pm we arrived in Orange City, about 150 mile trip which indeed took 4 hours.  Traffic and Construction slowed us way down...not that we go real fast anyway.  By 3 we were over at Marcia's brother's house visiting with Dean and Caryl.  Indy was a bit feisty at first, settled down eventually.  

Today (Wednesday) we got back over there at 10, and Indy did real good until their oldest son Eric came by and boy did she blow her stack!  We were all going to meet over at Texas Roadhouse, so I got her and Marcia out of there and got to Roadhouse just before 6 pm.  A 5-10 minute wait and we all sat down and enjoyed a good meal.  Except for Indy who was dropped off at the motorhome.

Only issue we are having is that the A/C compressor fan does not work.  I am confident it only needs a new capacitor put in, but I need to find a nice, dry cool place to get up there and get the part numbers.  Then it is a mater of getting the parts.  After tomorrow we should not face hot humid weather like today (it is 8:30 pm, 84 degrees and 60% humidity) until we get to the desert of California where it is more than likely going to be hot, but not humid.  I am hoping we might get the parts in Albuquerque, but first, I need the part numbers (might as well replace the two or three capacitors while we are at it).

Can you hear her???  "HEY DAD, I AM RIGHT HERE!  DO YOU SEE ME????"  Today she climbed up on Aunt Caryl's lap, and even went to sleep with her head on Uncle Dean's leg twice as she sat between us.  Other than her little attitude toward Eric, she was nearly a perfect angel angel that growled a bit too much, however.

Tomorrow we hope to get to Alabama, where temps are going to be a high of 73, low around 50.  That is doable without an A/C (of course the A/C works from the engine while driving...with gas prices where they are, we are not going to use that A/C to cool us, would rather sweat!

Note:  We are headed into Tornado Territory and we will pace our trip with the weather.  So far, fingers crossed, it looks like we can get through Oklahoma ahead of the next outbreak there.  The storm that went along I-10 area in Alabama and Florida will be along the coast of the Carolina's tomorrow. 


  1. Did you get your kitchen remodeled? It is 8:30pm here and about 37 degrees. 80's is too hot for us but 70's would be nice!

    1. Yep, although we still need to paint and get a new Fridge. Pictures at:

  2. It's funny ... I think dogs know more than we do. Definitely get your air fixed before hitting Arizona!! Drive safe and watch out for those darn tornados!!!

    1. I hope we can get it done in Albuquerque. Indy is being the best little traveler this trip...and she has the "get out and smell the smells" routine down real good!


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