Saturday, April 9, 2022

Return to Arkansas - Briefly

Honestly, did not intend to get to Arkansas in two days from near Orlando...but that is how it turned out...and here is why...

Today and tomorrow, no problem.  Sunday is "Marginal", and the next three days after that are "Severe" (this is from the NOAA Storm Prediction Center).  The area of concern?  Oklahoma and Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri.  So my feeling is, get out of the danger area by Sunday afternoon!  So tomorrow we are having an early lunch with our friend and one of my best staff members (she still works for the library), and then move to the Fort Smith area and have a later dinner with Marcia's relatives through her first marriage, and a good friend of both of us.  Then Sunday morning, we are "getting out of Dodge", as they say.  Just how fast can we get across Oklahoma???  We will see...I'll bet it is going to be pretty quick.  Of course, the outlook can always change...but why chance it.  The further west we get, the safer it will be.

Today we got on the road by 7:15, but had an important and costly stop to make....get gas at Buc-ee's, which is just a couple miles from the RV Park headed west.  $180 later, we had another 46 gallons in our 52 gallon tank and we were on our way.  Did not get far and the traffic came to a crawl (above).  

It was a bad one!  A pickup ate the rear-end of this 18 Wheeler.  They peeled back the cab and removed the driver door and got him/her idea what the outcome was.  The backup towards Mobile on the east-bound lanes went on for a few miles...but they were diverting new traffic around the wreck on another highway.

It was one of the clearer days that I have seen going through Mobile...we got a real good shot of the Battleship Alabama as we drove by.

After we pass through Mobile we head northwest on Highway 98 to Hattiesburg.  We saw many small caravans of Mississippi National Guard headed toward Mobile.  Don't know what is up with that, but it is the start of a weekend, and it common for the Guard to do 'stuff' on weekends.

It sure was a pretty clear day today...but what you can't see is the constant wind coming out of the northwest.  Sure pushed us and others from side to side as we drove along.

Between Jackson Mississippi and Vicksburg a Fire Truck passed us, and stopped about a half mile past us.

This one did not look very good either.  The red car under the overpass had its front window shattered, and the car was beyond repair.  Looked like everyone got out of this wreck ok though.

One of my favorite Southern Cities is Vicksburg...perhaps because of my fascination with the Civil War.

We have stopped at the Welcome Center in Vicksburg many times, and today was no different.  Indy and I walked around the facility, and I got this above shot with my cell phone.  That is the mighty Mississippi River, with I-20 bridge to the left and a train bridge to the right.

We continued west into Louisiana, and turned off at Tallulah for more gas (Love's, about the same price at Buc-ee's), and then head north to Pine Bluff on U.S. Highway 65.  I always like to get a picture of Transylvania, especially that Bat on the Water Tower.  Hey, they have a brand new RV Park in Transylvania now if you wish to add that park to your list of interesting places you have spent the night!

After passing through Lake Providence, it isn't too many more miles and we are in Arkansas.  Thought about staying at Pecan Grove RV Park in Lake Village, but another look at the forecast for bad weather and I came up with plan "B", which is speed up our visits and get the heck out of Dodge.

So we are staying at the Regional Park Campground, where I lived in my 5th wheel for the final 7 years while I was the Director of the Library System.  Gwen ran it then, and she is still here...sure nice seeing that friendly face.  Now we can add another RV Park which all three of our dogs have been to!  Sorry no photos, just never thought about it.


  1. That's a lot of miles but worth it to miss severe weather! I have a sister who was a librarian and my dad sold and installed library shelving. Which meant I installed library shelving when I was younger. He had the contract for two of the major counties in Minnesota. I have not thought about those years in a long time!

    1. When I told my mom that I was going to get my Masters in Library and Information Science, she laughed...I was 'that' kid who NEVER read books. In fact, if it isn't a non-fiction book about Civil War, WW2, or 'Cowboy & Indians' I still won't touch them (although Fiction based on History will occasionally work too). Love Tom Clancy movies, won't touch his books.

  2. Ummm yeah, I'd be running like the wind. It's green and gorgeous until the tornado hits!! Drive safe!!! There's crazy people out there not paying attention!!

    1. Yes, we encountered a few crazies yesterday...feel better now that I am in more familiar territory, and will feel much better once we are past OK City.


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