Monday, June 22, 2020

How HOT is Too HOT?

We were awake by 5, got up before 6, on the road after filling with water and using the dump station before 7.  Temps were nice last night, mid to upper 60's, and we both slept well.  I knew we were headed into a FIRE STORM.  No, not a forest fire...just HEAT.  I hoped to travel the 245 miles by noon, and we just made it.  When we got to Needles, CA, it was already 102.

At first we had shade, but as the sun made its way westward, the shade was gone.  From 2 until 8 pm we had the motorhome house AC going full blast.  On the hour I would turn the engine on and the dash AC on full blast for 15-20 minutes.  That would hold us for the next 40-45 minutes.  Repeat.  THAT is what you have to do when it gets to be 111 degrees outside, and you are in partial to no shade.

YES, we took pictures...NO, you probably won't see them because I am too exhausted by the heat to deal with photoshope and blogger's new format to make it all come together.  Good news, when we arrive in Bakersfield tomorrow it won't be 100...not until 3 pm when it climbs from 98 to 102 with a high of only 103.  ONLY you say?  Well, it is 8:15 pm right now in Needles, sun is down, and it is 105 degrees according to Accuweather and 

Another night with AC running all night...

Note:  Yes, we thought about going up eastern side of Sierra, but with this extremely hot weather pattern, we are just going straight to Sandy and Arny's house...where it too, is HOT.


  1. Temps are rising this week. I was hoping it would wait two more weeks until I'm off again. Nope .... 108 in Quartzsite!! I hate the new Blogger stuff. Can't find anything. I don't understand why they don't just leave it alone.

    1. If we were under a big tree with lots of shade (like my sister has in her backyard), then I don't mind it...but when the AC can't keep up, that is frustrating. At least we can turn the engine on and the dash AC, but I try to keep that at under 20 minutes at a time every hour or so.


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