Saturday, March 31, 2018

Kings Game Despite Protests

In Citrus Heights at Sister’s House  30 seconds into video

Because of a very unfortunate police shooting in South Sacramento (where I grew up), two times the Sacramento Kings played home games, and two times protestors shut down the entrance to the game only allowing around 2,000 people into the game instead of the normal 17,000+ they see at home games.  Now remember, the reason we quickly drove from Florida to California, 3,000 miles in 140 hours, which included six nights of sleep, was so that Sandy and Arny could attend the Kings Game on Thursday night (29th) that sister Patti had arranged for them, along with the neighbor who bought the house mom and dad use to live in next door to Sandy and Arny.  This “neighbor” is named Eric, is around 30 years old, and use to mow Arny’s yard when he was a lad…you see, his mom lives next door to where mom and dad had once lived…so now Eric and his wife live next door to his mom.

In order to be sure that they would ‘get into the game’, they decided to be there when the doors opened….which is normally 5:30.  Well, LOTS of people had the same idea…and Sacramento had full security to assure that the doors would not be blocked by any protestors.  The funeral was this same day, but the family asked protestors to not block streets of the staduim, so it worked out well.  And KCRA News had full news coverage, and the above picture was part of their ‘security’ news coverage.  And guess what?

From KCRA video, Arny, Patti, Eric and Sandy in line to get into Kings Game

There they were in the background of that first picture…you can see Eric’s #10 Kings Shirt, and all you can make out of Arny is the bald spot on the back of his head…and Patti always ducks out of pictures!

Anyway, they had a great time.  The Kings lost, but it came down to the wire.  They got home at 10, and Euleda (Arny’s mother) was awake…but she had two good sleep periods between 7 and 10, but coughing wakes her up a few times each night.  No, she does not have a cold…the doctor said that it is just a congestion in her throat that builds up, she coughs, it is gone for awhile.

Arny giving morning treats

As for us…we are recovered from the long trip, and everyone is back into the groove of things here in Citrus Heights.  WELL, almost into the groove of things.  You see, Sandy works just 2 blocks from the Kings Stadium…so on Thursday she just stayed downtown.  Patti came and picked up Arny and Eric, they left at 4:30.  By 5:15 they were all inside the stadium.  They only forgot ONE THING….no one game Bubba and Skruffy their afternoon treats that Sandy normally gives at 4 pm when she gets home from work.  Well…they survived….

Tonight (Saturday) we are having dinner at Black Angus for dad’s 90th birthday.  Tomorrow, we are having lots of people over at Arny and Sandy’s for a birthday party.  I’ll try to get lots of pictures….


  1. Happy Easter Marcia and Dave!! So just what are all the crazy people protesting?? Don't they know they just make people hate them? It doesn't do their cause any good at all to disrupt the games. I'm glad they got in to the stadium. Hugs to the puppies!!

    1. In a nutshell....a young man was going around busting windows of cars to steal stuff, caught on camera by helicopter which followed him going through 4 or more backyards until he got into one, tried to bust in through a back door as officers came around the corner into backyard. THEY thought he pulled a gun, he pulled out a cell phone, shot dead, and it happened to be his grandmother's house. He is being pawned off as being a "good father", "good brother", etc. etc. (arrested over 30 times, just out of jail in less than 30 days...) It is just a big mess that included Al Sharpton coming to funeral. Lord help us all....


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