Monday, April 2, 2018

Ninety Years Old

At Sister’s House in Citrus Heights

Dad (birthday boy)    Mom (soon to be birthday girl)

Both mom and dad have birthdays in April…dad’s was on Sunday, an April Fools baby.

Wild Turkey running around the neighborhood

To celebrate the occasion, we thought “wild turkey” would be in order…but alas, them critters are hard to catch….so….

Marcia, Patti, Sandy, Arny, Mom, Dad, Rochelle, Roger at Black Angus

Black Angus was our secondary choice.  Saturday late afternoon, before they are too busy, those children and spouses who were able to attend, took dad there for his favorite…Prime Rib.  Pictured left to right are Marcia, sister Patti, sister Sandy, Arny (behind Sandy), mom, dad, Rochelle (Roger’s wife) and just out of the picture to the right, brother Roger. 

Lots of food for Easter-Birthday dinner     Arny and his fameous Tri-Tip BBQ

On Sunday we gathered again for an Easter – April Fools – Birthday dinner.  Easter has fallen on Dad’s birthday only four times in his lifetime, 1934, 1945, 1956, and 2018…and will do so again in 2029, but dad says he does not want to be around ‘that’ long…which is understandable. 

Birthday Cake

We asked permission from the Fire Department to put 90 candles on the cake…but they said ‘no way’.  I think there are 90 sprinkles on it instead…

Richard, Barbara, Marci, Rochelle     Patti, Barbara, Arny, Sandy, Anna, Michael, Dad, Mom
Euleda, Mom, Patti

In the upper left picture are dad’s brother’s two children who were able to attend, Richard (far left) and Barbara (next to Richard), along with Richard’s wife Marci, and Roger’s wife Rochelle.  Barbara lives in Italy, and I had not seen her for many years, and it was the first time she had met my wife Marcia.  In the upper right picture is my son Michael (far right behind dad) and his wife to be Anna (July wedding) to the left of Michael (his right, picture left).  In the bottom picture is Arny’s mother Euleda (left) along with my mom and sister Patti.

Richard, Arny, Sandy, Marci

Above, Sandy and Arny, whose home we all gathered at, enjoy talking to Marci and Richard, who live in the Santa Cruz area…and Marcia and I plan to go over to their place in early May for a few days as part of our May excursion. 

Skruffy    Bubba

And now that I got these two in the blog, I think I got a picture of everyone, although Roger only got his arm in a picture.

Mom and Dad's door decorated by Independent Living Facility

When I took mom and dad home, mom asked me to get a picture of their front door…the Independent Living Facility had decorated it for Dad’s birthday…so sweet of them. 

Sophie and Marcia, October 2016

Unfortunately, Sunday also brought with it some sad news.  Marcia’s cousin, through her first husband, Sophie, passed away.  The above picture is from October 2016.  Every year we have driven through Fort Smith to visit with Sophie, who was 95 years old.  She will be missed, but we know she is no longer in any pain, and with our Lord.  Prayers to her family and friends who are mourning her loss.  We still plan to stop in Fort Smith to see her son Jim and wife Pat later this summer/fall.


  1. Your dad looks pretty spry for 90!!! Congrats and happy birthday!! Hug the puppies for me!!

    1. Sharp as a tack, but sore as a dog's paws that just went through a Cholla Cactus patch. Not fun getting old, that's for sure. (Dogs give you licks back)


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