Saturday, April 7, 2018

Rainy Friday and Saturday

At Sister’s House, Citrus Heights, Ca

Accuweather Precipitation Levels past 24 hours

Around midnight Thursday it started to sprinkle…by morning it was a good, solid rain.  For the next 36 hours it rained…about 2-3 inches.  Rarely was it a hard rain, there might have been 15 mph winds, just a good, solid rain.  The type of rain that farmers really like this time of year…unless they were planning to get a crop in the ground this weekend.  Folsom Lake is now 82 percent full, which is 122 percent of its 15-year average.  They finished a new spillway last year, so the lake level can be higher than in past years.  Just this past February they wondered if it would get above half full…amazing what a wet March and a good rain in April can do for this area.  This was a warmer rain, so it rained on some of the snow pack in the Sierras, which means they had to release more water from the dams in anticipation of the high water rate coming into the lakes.  Looks like the farmers will have water again this year during the hot summer months, at least from Merced and the valley to the north of Merced.

mini lake in sister's backyard due to rain

This amount of rain means that a lake forms between the motorhome and the patio.  This picture was taken AFTER about half of the lake dried up.  I took the carpets up that lead from the motorhome to the patio in anticipation of the rain…glad I did because they would have been soaking wet.

mini lake in sister's backyard due to rain

Here is another angle…you can see the high amount of tree droppings in the bottom right of the picture, which is where the high level of the water was at.

Blossoms from Fruitless Mulberry

The tree is a Fruitless Mulberry, and the Blossoms come out before the leaves appear.  The Blossoms fall off, making a big mess…but at least they are not sticky, just love to stick in doggies tails, feet, etc., and the bottom of your shoes.  We hoped that the storm would knock them all down…

Blossoms from Fruitless Mulberry

…but not our luck…still a bunch of them up there in the tree.

Cherry Tree    Cherry Tree Blossoms

The cherry tree…now that’s another story.  It once had a bunch of blossoms on it, like in the upper right picture…but the rain knocked 95% of them off, as you can see in the upper left picture.

Lake has dried up, dogs are free

By evening, I was able to put the carpets back out, and the dogs could have free run of the yard again.  During the higher water, I put them on the leash and walked them around the water onto the higher area of the lawn.  They could not understand that…but after all, they are just dogs…who knows what they understand outside of food, petting, and sleeping.

Squirrel going for food     Squirrel going for food
Squirrel going for food

With the rain gone, the sun back, and a big blue sky…the animals came out to feast…

Doves     Doves

Birds     Birds

ALL of these bird and squirrel and dog pictures were taken today after 4 and before 8. 

Looking east after storm    Looking east after storm

Thought I might be able to see the Sierras after the storm, but it needed to pass through a few hours earlier…still clouds over the mountains to the east.

West after storm     West after storm

And with no clouds to the west, the sky did not light up for a real nice sunset…but any sunset is still nice, especially one with Old Glory flapping in the wind.


  1. Love the squirrel picture. You have lots of critters there .. pretty cool. I have nothing here but the mulberry droppings!! LOL

    1. Hope yours is a fruitless one too...I understand that real (fruit bearing) Mulberry Trees give you a wonderful present when the fruit falls....Arny feeds the squirrels and the birds, and their many turtles (ever want a turtle, let me know)


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