Tuesday, March 6, 2018

They FINALLY Sent Pictures of Bubba, and Time in a Bottle

At home in Holiday / Tarpon Springs area

First…Happy Birthday to my oldest…


Bubba got a hair cut from Petco on Saturday, and they sent some pictures of him to us…boy, doesn’t he look good!  For those who might not know it (new to blog), Bubba is our other dog who is not allowed to live with us in the condo.  Skruffy can live with us because she is Marcia’s service dog.  Since we were only going to gone from Sacramento for 3 months, we asked my sister Sandy and husband Arny if Bubba could stay with them while we were gone.  They agreed, and PROMISED to take good care of him.  So, I blew up the picture to see just how they are doing taking care of Bubba…

Bubba lost a leg (photoshop)

HEY!  You forgot to tell us the groomer cut his right front leg off!  WTH????  (That “H” stands for “heck” mom)

Bubba Crying

And “THEY” say he is “SO HAPPY”…well, what is with all those TEARS coming down his eyes?


The TRUTH BE TOLD, we KNOW Bubba is in good hands, and we are just jealous that Bubba probably likes it there more than he would here…after all, WE DON’T HAVE ARNY HERE!!!!!  (or Sandy)  And it isn’t just the Arny Treats and Sandy Treats and Euleda Leftovers that make him happy either…

Time in a Bottle 

The late Jim Croche had a famous song that all us old timers know called “Time in a Bottle”…it is a love song….
If I could save time in a bottle
The first thing that I'd like to do
Is to save every day
'Til eternity passes away
Just to spend them with you…
Well, although I like that song, what I am talking about is the time change which seems to bottle me up each and every year.  This time change happens this weekend…but it has already bottled me up…  This past Saturday I told Marcia it was time to change clocks…she changed the radio alarm on her side of the bed.  The only other clock we have is the stove clock, which I planned to change on Sunday…otherwise, the computer clocks and the cell phones change automatically.  Other than the car and the motorhome, we have no other clocks to change.  Around 2:45 am I awake to take care of my nightly business (high blood pressure pills make me do that often), and I look at my cell phone and see that it is 2:45…but Marcia’s clock radio said it was 3:45.  I know from past experiences that the cell phone might need to make a call…so I call the Skruffy Phone (the one she wears when I am not with Marcia) and I hear the phone answering message.  I close my phone…it still says 2:45.  I bring up my computer…it says 2:47.  I type into Google “time change” and find out the time change is on March 11th, not March 3rd.  I go back to bed…Marcia stirs…I say, “Ignore your clock…the time change is next week…”  Now, we will have to see if we are late to church this coming Sunday….

Eight Things to Know about…
  • It’s “daylight saving time,” not “daylight savings time.

  • Though in favor of maximizing daylight waking hours, Benjamin Franklin did not originate the idea of moving clocks forward.

  • Englishman William Willett led the first campaign to implement daylight saving time. 

  • Germany was the first country to enact daylight saving time.

  • Daylight saving time in the United States was not intended to benefit farmers, as many people think.

  • For decades, daylight saving in the United States was a confounding patchwork of local practices.

  • Not everyone in the United States springs forward and falls back.

  • Evidence does not conclusively point to energy conservation as a result of daylight saving.

Source: 8 Things You May Not Know About Daylight Saving Time from History.com


  1. It's a bunch of hooey .... daylight saving anything isn't working. It only makes us cranky and sleep deprived!! And yes, it IS next weekend, Dave!! Thankfully, I'm in Arizona where it does NOT change. Hope you aren't late for church!!

  2. It will change when you enter back into the Golden State...


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