Sunday, April 20, 2014

These Shoes Are Made For Walking


Yes, another “song” oriented posting….don’t know what’s getting into me.  I know, however, where my feet have been the past three years.  Shortly after we got married, I picked up this pair of sandals at a local Palm Harbor shoe store.  I had not had a pair of sandals for like, ever….at least 30 years or so.  Well, after three years, these sandals are just about finished…. regulated now to dirty jobs, they will need to be kept in one of the holding areas near the front door of the motorhome. 


About 18 months ago I purchased this pair from Amazon, same brand as the one above, but different style.  I wear these to church, and keep them in good shape.  I wanted to buy ones like the ones I already had, but could not find them…even back at that same store in Palm Harbor.  But a recent search on Amazon found the exact same style shoe, but different color, at Amazon.  They came in just before we left for Houston.


As you can see….same shoe, a bit tighter because they are not “broken in” yet, but give me a few months and they will feel just right.


Why is it that shoes that look like this….feel so right?
Well, a little over a month ago we were checking items off our list for our Alaska trip…now we have lists of items that need to be done in short order for our trip back to Texas, then Arkansas, then California.  Big difference is, anything that is not “absolutely needed” can wait until we get to California.  If the Ford Dealership can work us in, I want the new motorhome checked out before we leave.  A few items will be ordered through Amazon with 2 day shipping, and I am sure a trip to Camping World will be in order if needed.  And, of course, a visit to the DMV to get it licensed and registered.  Soon, the real fun will begin. Party smile

Hope you had a wonderful Easter…we enjoyed ours with a great service at church, a wonderful breakfast at Lucky Dills, a very nice visit from Marcia’s Grand-daughter, and a quick visit to the new motorhome.  (Of course, just had to share the video of my oldest son’s “double bird”….as a Florida graduate she got a kick out of his loyalty to SEC rival Arkansas.)  After today’s well deserved “day of rest”, it is going to be a very busy week.  Doubt I will ever catch up on the many blogs that I normally follow, but I try to glance over them the best I can.


  1. Wishing you both a very Happy Easter/Resurrection Day! Blessings... Lynn

  2. I agree with you about the shoes. Just about the time they feel like my own feet, they are worn out!


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