Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Camping Again! Fort Smith, Arkansas


Oh, it is SO NICE to be camping, really camping, again!!!!!  The drive from Houston to Fort Smith was ok, it is nice to be out of Houston and the traffic and the smog and the humidity.  It is in the low 60’s at 5:30 here in the Fort Smith area, very low humidity, and this COE park is quiet and not even half full.  The Corps of Engineers operate a number of parks, many near to the lock and dams they oversee. We are at Springhill Park Due to the senior saver, it only cost $10 per night for electricity and water, with a dump station free to use if you camp.  We got to choose our own site, and I got a nice, fairly level one.  Many are very, very deep, you could fit a 45’ motorhome, pulling a trailer and a car without any problem….well, except for how narrow the pads are.  But hey, we are not complaining because we are camping again!!!

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The dogs, Bubba and Skruffy, could not believe their eyes….or their noses.  No more civilization, no more of those dreaded spurs which got into their fur, not much grass…but they are not complaining, that’s for sure.


And look at us…no neighbors to our right side, left side, straight across or behind us.  I think we will get some good solid sleep tonight, and tomorrow we will spend the day visiting Marcia’s relatives, and getting a little grocery shopping done. 

Someone emailed me asking if I apologized to “Joy” for my attitude over the phone when I first learned of the awning not being in.  Now this un-named person (Mom for short) knows me better than to ask, but I will share my email to her after we left ….
Although I was a bit worried there for a bit when I found out the awning had not come in, you sure smoothed things out with your open honesty to the situation.  I am sorry if I came off a bit strong right at first, but we had a very bad experience at the Ford Dealership in Florida near our condo where they had the motorhome in their shop for 30 hours and never even popped the hood....and this was just for getting a tune-up.  I was promised it back after one day, two at the most....well needless to say they lied, and that work will be performed in Sacramento now.
Please send the awning to  ….
Thanks again, and thank your staff too.  Please just let me know you got this email, I did not get it off until we got to the rest area on Highway 59 about 100 miles north of Houston.
Dave Burdick

And her reply….
Thanks for your business, and I have always lived my life that honesty is the best policy and that holds true with life and work.  I appreciate you giving us the opportunity to work on your vehicle.  Once the parts get here, I will send it to the address below and will send you an email with the shipping number.
See you soon mom….love ya!  --dave


  1. So good to see the dogs out and about the campground acting like two kids!! I am sure you and Marcia are enjoying the quiet of having no one around. Sure looks peaceful:)

    1. I only wish we could just stay in a park like this for a week or two to recoup from all of this past 6 weeks. WOW, and to think the people here in Arkansas, in Mississippi, Alabama, etc. who have lost EVERYTHING! They will have a nightmare for months, even years....I feel for them so much.

  2. Oh, how happy the sight of your new RV in a camp site. Time to start living the RV high life once again. I didn't quite understand the whole issue about the awning, but do remember your telling about the RV place not even looking at the rig when they were supposed to have it fixed lickety-split. I've learned to cheek up with the maintenance departments of Camping World around the country - as I find Camping World, from time to time, just a little above having to be completely honest with estimates for labor, parts and time for completion.
    In everything that happens, Dave, there is a reason. As for current happenings for you, Marcia and me . . . If you hadn't had to change your Alaska adventure plans and if I hadn't had to change my travel plans to return 'home' for surgery, we wouldn't have the opportunity to look forward to getting together again this year. I'm going to be around here until at least the end of summer; I just know we'll become even better friends.
    Enjoy that beautiful site and that beautiful RV and the whole family being together.

    1. Yes, we look forward to seeing you again this summer...though we would rather it was at a RV park than seeing you laid up for so long. I hope you, and my mom, come through these two surgeries in flying colors. Mom's is a hip surgery, in early June. She is in so much pain....

      This last RV place was like night and day to the bad Ford Dealer who couldn't even get a engine tune-up done...not even looking at it within a day and a half when they KNEW we had to have it back for our trip. What a waste of our time they did to us. Never ever will go to that location again.

      See you soon. Let us know how things are going, hope you have computer and Internet while in rehab.

  3. It's so very nice to read that you're enjoying your time camping, again! You certainly are blessed. Lynn

    1. Yes, we are enjoying this time for sure. But we have a long, hard trip in front of us.

  4. Oh I can just see the pups running around with noses to the ground! You have a wonderful spot there...enjoy!

    1. That is exactly what they have done each time we have gone out. Just back in from their morning "sniffs" a few minutes ago. They really do enjoy the smell of a campground with all the animal smells all around.


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